Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament

Here is our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament, featuring the best of the best from the entire Rugby League World Cup.

rugby league world cup team of the tournament

Now that the successful and very entertaining 2017 Rugby League World Cup has been run and won by Australia, it seems a great time to wrap up the fun with our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament.

We have followed every game of the tournament, and in each game have assigned 5-4-3-2-1 points in each match to find a player of the tournament – the Dowling-Tamati medalist.

That award was taken out by Jason Taumalolo, despite not featuring in the final, but he had done plenty for Tonga by then.

The Full Dowling-Tamati Medal results can be found at our Rugby League World Cup Home Page, which includes all results with links to a match review on every game.

From that full table we have decided our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament. The highest ranked player/s in each position get the nod, with the top 4 players who missed out on their respective position getting on the bench. Except for Jarryd Hayne who we squeezed into the centre as we had enough halves, and he plays in the centres.

So enjoy our last contribution for this year’s World Cup with our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament.


1 Gareth Widdop ENG
2 Jermaine McGillvary ENG
3 Taane Milne FIJ
4 Jarryd Hayne FIJ
5 Valentine Holmes AUS
6 Mitchell Moses LEB
7 Liam Finn IRE
8 James Graham ENG
9 Cameron Smith AUS
10 Sio Siua Taukieacho TON
11 Viliame Kikau FIJ
12 Boyd Cordner AUS
13 Jason Taumalolo TON
14 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck NZ
15 Billy Slater AUS
16 Rhyse Martin PNG
17 Willie Minoga PNG


Some surprises in our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Tournament. Somehow getting Willie Minoga in there is not a surprise.

Gareth Widdop beat Billy Slater to the fullback position, little known Irish halfback Liam Finn did so well for the Irish in just three games, and not having another centre with enough votes means Hayne is rewarded with a start.

Mitchell Moses deserves his five eighth selection ahead of Jarryd Hayne, and Viliame Kikau was one we pointed out at the start of the World Cup. Think differently? Why not comment at the space at the bottom of this post.



And below are the full results for the Dowling-Tamati Medal.

Player Country Score
Jason Taumalolo TON 18
Gareth Widdop ENG 16
Mitchell Moses LEB 15
Viliame Kikau FIJ 14
Jermain McGillvary ENG 12
Valentine Holmes AUS 10
Jarryd Hayne FIJ 10
Taane Milne FIJ 10
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck NZ 10
Billy Slater AUS 9
Liam Finn IRE 9
Sio Siua Taukieacho TON 9
James Graham ENG 9
Boyd Cordner AUS 9
Rhyse Martin PNG 8
Cameron Smith AUS 8
Garry Lo PNG 7
Michael Morgan IRE 7
Willie Minoga PNG 7
David Mead PNG 7
Liam Kay IRE 7
Suliasi Vanivalu FIJ 7
Cameron Munster AUS 6
Matt Gillett AUS 6
Josh Maguire AUS 6
Martin Taupau NZ 6
Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook IRE 5
Joseph Tramontana  ITA 5
Thomas Burgess ENG 5
Andrew Fifita TON 5
Young Tonumaipea SAM 5
Kallum Watkins ENG 5
Lachlan Lam PNG 5
Akuila Uate FIJ 5
Shaun Johnson NZ 5
Wade Graham AUS 5
Lachlan Stein SCO 4
Ata Hingano TON 4
Api Koroisau FIJ 4
Michale McIlorum IRE 4
Api Pewhairangi IRE 4
James Tedesco ITA 4
Michael Jennings TON 4
Manu M’au TON 4
Michael Lichaa LEB 4
Te Maire Martin NZ 4
Kevin Brown ENG 4
Bastien Ader FRA 3
Luke Douglas SCO 3
Konrad Hurrell TON 3
Nelson Asofa Solomona NZ 3
David Klemmer AUS 3
Nene McDonald PNG 3
Robbie Farah LEB 3
Theo Fages FRA 3
Alex Walmsley ENG 3
Tui Kamikamica FIJ 3
Mason Cerruto ITA 3
Peter Hiku NZ 3
Moses Meninga PNG 3
Wellington Albert PNG 3
James Segeyaro PNG 3
Siliva Havili TON 2
Junior Paulo SAM 2
Daniel Alvaro ITA 2
Nelson Asofa-Solomona NZ 2
Reagen Campbell-Gillard AUS 2
Ashton Sims FIJ 2
Frank Pritchard SAM 2
Corey Makelim USA 2
Josh Mansour AUS 2
Elliott Whitehead ENG 2
Danny Brough SCO 2
Josh Dugan AUS 2
Alex Twal LEB 2
Marcelo Montoya FIJ 1
Mark Minichello ITA 1
Anthony Lahoun FRA 1
Scott Grix IRE 1
Joey Leilua SAM 1
Mark Kheirallah FRA 1
Jordan McLean AUS 1
Lucas Albert FRA 1
Tim Mannah LEB 1
Kevin Naiqama FIJ 1
Stargroth Amean PNG 1
Fa’amanu Brown SAM 1
Russell Packer NZ 1
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