Channel 9 Cricket Commentary – 2016 Jerks of the Year

So the biggest Jerk in 2016 has been voted on by the readers of The Gurgler and the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary have won the big prize.

Australian Cricket Pay Dispute

The question of who was 2016’s Jerk of the Year has been answered, and the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team have taken out the prize and deservingly so.

That is  big statement since they beat the likes of Kick Kyrgios and Lewis Hamilton to the world’s list of biggest jerks.

In the second big announcement since our Person of the Year was announced the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team have excelled at the other end of the pool in 2016. And it is hard to argue they don’t deserve it, but that may depend on how much of the daily summer dross you can put up with.

You only need to look at today’s broadcast to see why.


We did say we’d boycott Channel 9 Cricket Commentary for the summer, but left with a hole in the afternoon we decided to sample a little. Within minutes a Trivia question came up, and with is a reason they suck complete arse and thoroughly deserve their Jerk of the Year title.

The question flashed up on the screen about 4 catches at the MCG, and once one of the option was Michael Slater, you knew full well that yet another flashback or memorable moment, or stitch in time was going to be all about one of the “forgotten Australian Heroes” in the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary box.

It was as if the cricket had got in the way of them talking about themselves. How dare it. Cue the excruciating banter between “Tubbs” and “Slats”. Cue the remote and Keeping Up Appearance or anything else. But that is what you get for breaking a pre-summer vow.

And that is what you get with the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team, and why the deserve their Jerk of the Year title.

They don’t care about you, their audience is themselves, and not the cricket.


Talk about not caring, Nick Kyrgios came second, and only just. His antics seems to grate with readers of the Gurgler, but interestingly for his crimes of Jerk around the world, he hasn’t as hated the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team. You never know, he may well come out and win Wimbledon this year to shut us all up. And he could. If he wanted to.

Just to reiterate how bad the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team is, Michael Clarke was equal third by himself in the 2016 Jerk of the Year voting. Mainly because of his book, and his career in general, but his full time mood in the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team will ensure Jerk nominations for years to come.

Lewis Hamilton was also equal third. Not a place he would like to be for either reason.

 The rest of the field was evenly spread out, with plenty of people getting a good share of votes. And that is without including any of the people involved with Brexit winning, Donald Trump winning, and Malcolm Turnbull winning.

They all would have been worthy Jerk of the Year winners for 2016, but the public have spoken, and Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team aka Channel Nein Team are the 2016 Jerks of the Year.





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