The World’s least read website now has the world’s least heard podcast
for company.

With more of the same garbage from the website, you can guaranteed it
will be 30-40 minutes of your life you won’t get back. Every week.

But, you’ll only waste them anyway, so waste with us.


The new Gurgler Live podcast is here, and we are well into the territory of more episodes than listeners as we chalk up number 8. Almost as many as the many rugby fans that turned up on Saturday night.

Max Layne joins host Derek Ottoman for another session of the internet’s least heard podcast.

At least this week Derek and Max amuse themselves with talk of the futuristic Space City Shopping Centre, alternative Navman voiceovers and an all new improved sports chat.

We wonder if some forgotten stars are dead or not, add another name to our ever expanding Crap Fantale Hall of Fame, and load a few more passengers on the Gurgler Rocket.

It’s everything you could ever want, and all yours for just 13 easy payments of 189 Gurgler Schillings.


It has arrived and not before time say our many, many fan. The Gurgler Live is back and has plenty of your favourite things.

The Crapothetical is back as we think of ways to increase the Big Brother excitement.

Our pointless poser ponders which sporting stoushes were the best.

And we launch The Gurgler Rocket.

Join Derek Ottoman and special guest Kaaps Loche for this week’s shenanigans.

Brought to you by Pedro Chaves Motors, it’s The Gurgler Live 007…

Lots of good things comes in sixes: Six Packs of Beer. Six strings on a guitar. Six balls in a regulation over. Some things that come in sixes don’t however. Police Academy 6, Leonard Part 6, 6 O’clock News.

Somewhere in between is our latest offering – The Gurgler Live 006.

For fans of It’s A Knockout (and who isn’t – if not get out) there’s way more discussion than you’d ever think possible. We count our favourite Channel 10 shows. Discuss the latest sport and introduce another deserving Crap Fantale hall of fame recipient.

Plus unveil our summer movie blockbuster.

It’s all here so why don’t you spoil yourself.


Yes it’s been a while between episode four and five, but that didn’t stop Police Academy producing pure gold between four and five. And they had to deal with the massive loss of Guttenburg and the addition of Schlatter.

There are other things that aren’t worth waiting for between four and five, like a Cab anywhere in Australia on a Friday night.

In between the two is our Podcast this week.

There’s plenty of Commonwealth Games gear, including ways to sizzle it up with new events, favourite games mascots of yesteryear, and The Gurgler Shop opens with an Infomercial Comm Games flavour.

There’s all the usual token lip service to all our favourite sports and banter you can’t buy anywhere else. Or even here.

Join Derek Ottoman and special guest host Max Hyte for this week’s blast.


Yes, another one.

Episode 4 is here, and sometimes the weeks write themselves.

We discover the terminator bubbling craze, remember our double crap fantale, discuss a crapothetical that was doubly crap and various other banter that makes little or zero sense.

And, do you remember kids TV Show Wombat? We certainly do.

But if you’ve heard the previous three there’s no surprises. If you haven’t – eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding.

We won’t promise it’s the best 40 odd minutes of podcast you’ll ever hear.


And they said we’d never make it….

The Gurgler’s own podcast has made it to episode 3. We could claim it’s three times as good, three times as funny, and three times better for you than our nearest compeditor. And we will.

Derek Ottoman is back with guest host Forrest Glenn.

This week the Crap Fantale returns, so does Crapotheticals. We introduce Are They Dead? with a blast from the past. Overall (pardon the pun) is a welcome new segment.

There’s NRL, AFL and other sports updates and plenty of World Cup bitesize updates (pardon the pun).

Plus the usual array of banter and uncomfortable silence that you’ve all come to accept and expect with The Gurgler Live.

So here it is for your listening pleasure.


Believe it or not, The Gurgler Live is back for another week.

Aside from the usual banter this week is the Pointless Poser about favourite potato, adding another name to our Crap Fantale Hall of Fame and introduce our Crapotheticals.

There’ll be NRL and AFL roundups, as well as a start in our search of Hotdogs.


We introduce The Gurgler to the world of podcasting with a jam=packed edition filled with an F1 Round Up, World Cup Preview, NRL and AFL, plus Which Cartoon Character could play Rugby League, and celebrate our first Crap Fantale hall of famer.