Crap Fantales Presents…Quiz – Name the Music One Hit Wonders Follow Up Song Pt1

Music One Hit Wonders are great, but they are usually followed up with a much less well known song that never quite achieves the same heights. Test your obscure music knowledge with our Name the Music One Hit Wonder Follow Up Song Pt1.

music one hit wonder

There have been so many wonderful Music One Hit Wonders over the years, Foxtel have an entire channel devoted to them it seems with Music Max, but really there’s nothing like Achy Breaky Heart or Tubthumping or Groove Is In The Heart to get an average day going.

Many can recall the great Music One Hit Wonders in times of extreme trivia, trying to guess the next song in yet another Max countdown on Foxtel, or for no good reason at all. It’s usually pretty easy to remember the band and the song.

But, in most cases, and usually forgotten is that the artist followed up with another song not long after, off the same album. Most often to much less critical acclaim and sales. 

But who can remember those gems?

Play our trivia below to challenge yourself to see if you can….




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