Gurgler Shop Runout – Bernard Tomic Millions & Other Celebrity Colognes That Didn’t Quite Make It

e Gurgler Shop is having a clearance of all of its least successful celebrity colognes from the Christmas period. Bernard Tomic Millions is top of the unwanted list.

bernard tomic wimbledon exit

Now that Christmas is over and all the many gift have been spread around, the Gurgler Shop is having a Runout Sale, starting with Celebrity Colognes that didn’t quite sell over the busy serlling period, featuring Bernard Tomic Millions.

Celebrity Fragrances are big money, and of course most famous people want their slice O the pie. Unfortunately for the Gurgler Shop we took on some of the less successful celebrity fragrances.

Bernard Tomic Millions is the flagship of our post Christmas clean out, but he has more on offer, as do some of his pals.

Choose any of these colognes to cover yourself in something produced by those who didn’t quite cover themselves in glory.

All of our Celebrity Colognes That Didn’t Quite Make It are on sale for $4.95 or better offer. 

Take a look at our extensive range.



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