2017-2018 Big Bash Preview – All You Need to Know

The 2017-2018 Big Bash is ready to go, and we have our preview featuring all you need to know about the Big Bash this year.

2017-2018 big bash preview

The 2017-2018 Big Bash is almost here, and what a lovely distraction from Channel Nein’s dross coverage of another Ashes pantsing of England in Australia.

Big Bash has taken Australia’s summer by storm, with an exciting cricket product that one doesn’t need a Michael Slater to enjoy. One that has also made the lowly Zooper Dooper a premium product. If only Sunnyboys had of got on the Big Bash bandwagon.

So before the tournament kicks off, we have all you need to know about the 2017-2018 Big Bash.


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