Roy and HG – 2017 Gurgler Persons of the Year Nom 3

Australia's finest Radio Duo Roy and HG returned for 2017 and are the third deserving nomination for The Gurgler's 2017 Person of the Year.

poty 2017 - roy and hg

Time Magazine have their poll, and we at The Gurglers have ours – the 2017 Gurgler Person of the Year. It is under way for another year and our next nomination is one of Australia’s finest sporting commentating teams – Roy and HG.

Unlike Time magazine, we give the ultimate power back to the readers and let you decide the ultimate winner. Voting will open soon once all nominations have been announced.

The Gurgler’s 2017 Person of the Year is a celebration of the people we think are important or deserving of some much needed limelight, not necessarily the most famous people on the face of the earth, in fact some would have barely heard of some of our nominees. Possibly not with Roy and HG, but they do have a cult following, and especially by us.

That’s the way we like it, celebration the forgotten, the underappreciated, the unsung heroes, the lesser lights, the Gurgler People of the Year.

You can also Vote for 2017 Jerk of the Year. But we’re trying to be a little more positive here for the 2017 Person of the Year.





Roy and HG returned to the airwaves full time in 2017 after a successful mini return doing an hour long Olympics show in 2016, and what a welcome return it was.

Sure it was on commercial radio on Triple M, which means it didn’t take long to be the best thing on that station, but the Saturday morning slot allowed for the meandering conversation that was more akin to the good ol’ Sunday afternoons on Triple M.

It that conversation was good, up to the standard of old, and they focused on the subjects too often neglected or completely avoided by mainstream sports coverage.

For instance, here is some of Roy and HG’s best topics from their 2017 run.

  • Matt Lodge planting the flag for rugby league in New York
  • Ex Sportspeople top replace Chaplains at every school. Featuring: Willie Mason, Dalai Lama and Winx.
  • How kids can get a bet on
  • How to move “Books”
  • Don’t the Chinese love Winx?
  • Gold Coast to become the permanent home of the Commonwealth Games and everything else.
  • Doggo to replace Keno in our Casino, providing employment for thousands of Greyhounds.
  • Grub of the Year
  • Nude areas available at Australian Sporting venues.

They will be back in 2018, and move to a Sunday morning, which shouldbe even better as they get to digest the Saturday action in addition to the usual banter.

We sure can’t wait for more.

If you want to thank Roy and HG for their year long discussion about rugby league in New York, Special K Tennis Players and Winx racing a luxury car, throw your support behind them in the voting for 2017 Gurgler Person of the Year. Coming soon.



Time to throw support behind one or more of the above nominations.

Voting open until Dec 31.




Below are the nominations for 2017 Person of the Year. Click on the link to know more about why they deserve such an honour.

1 – Brad the Traffic Guy

The ever reliable and sunny voice of Brad the Traffic Guy from ABC Brisbane radio among others.

2 – Farmer from Shaun the Sheep

Grumpy, Angry, Cartoon character, he keeps the kids and us entertained.

3 – Roy and HG

They are back, and better than ever.

4 – Les Murray

The Voice of Australian Football, may no longer be with us, but he can still be our Person of the Year.

5 – Tennis Jerks

The Tennis Jerks may not be nice, likeable, or indeed People of the Year, but their contribution to content here means they are a must include.

6 – Willie Minoga

The 2015 Person of the Year delivered the greatest live sporting moment in history as he scored the winning try to allow the PNG Hunters to win the Intrust Super Cup.




2016 – Charles Strunk
2015 – Willie Minoga
2014 – Reggie the Rabbitoh

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