Voting is Now Open for 2017 Jerk of the Year

Time to decide 2017 Jerk of the Year, and this year's crop of Jerk is bumper. Find out who is nominated and how you can for them now.

2017 jerk of the year

The much anticipated annual poll is here as voting opens for The Gurgler’s 2017 Jerk of the Year. And what a bumper crop of Jerks 2017 has produced.

There’s a few rugby league players as expected, and as ever the Tennis Jerks twins of Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic have demanded inclusion into the 2017 Jerk of the Year with their behaviour. Channel 9 are nominated on a few sporting fronts, as are a few more sporting personalities.

Politics is well represented, with Australian politicians joining the President of the United States, the favourite to take out this year’s title.

Will he win? Who exactly is he up against? Find out more below.



In an expanded format for 2017 Jerk of the Year, we have included all of the previous monthly winners, the Top 3 Jerks who missed out on a monthly award but still got plenty of votes across the 2017 Jerk of the Month polls, and a couple of editor’s choices for those Jerks who need to be included according to us.

There’s over 15 Jerks to choose from, the expanded poll meaning more variety for you in 2017.

So vote now for your 2017 Jerk of the Year. You can vote for as many Jerks as you like, but can only vote once per device. Voting closes on December 30 and winner is announced on New Year’s Eve.



Below is the Official 2017 Jerk of the Year poll, where you can select as many Jerks as possible. And you can also vote one per device too. Why not spread the link on social media under the hashtag #JerkOYear2017



As ever before you vote, you should find out the candidates, and what they stand for, and in.

THE NRL – (Top 3 Non Monthly Winner)
Nominated for a few reasons – Marvel Super Heroes Round, Ignoring fans in general with the ridiculous players transfer system, but especially for ruining their own competition each year by refusing to make all three State of Origin clashes standalone. No comp shoots itself in the foot for 8 weeks than the NRL.

DONALD TRUMP – (January/February Jerk of the Month)
We barely need to call out any of the reasons for his nominations, so we won’t.

BERNARD TOMIC – (July Jerk of the Month)
Bernard “Telstra” Tomic aka Tomic the Tank Engine aka Tennis Jerk 1.0 is nominated not just for his snarl and hatred of the Australian people, but for some of the worst tanking in sporting history at Wimbledon. No sports person has ever given up such a prestigious opportunity so easily, and that apathy demands inclusion into the 2017 Jerk of the Year poll.

NICK KYRGIOS – (Top 3 Non Monthly Winner)
The second half of the Tennis Jerk twins looked to be attempting to match his fellow TJ throughout 2017, but not quite reaching it, hence the lack of monthly award. But don’t be fooled, he’s a first class Jerk, who like his Tennis, is more likely to win anything.

CHANNEL NEIN RUGBY LEAGUE – (Top 3 Non Monthly Winner)
Ruin Origin with the disgraceful bias. Ruin Sunday Afternoon with their dreadful Geographic Bias. A coverage going nowhere except to the top of Jerk of the Year. Can they make it two Channel Nein winners in a row after the Cricket Commentary won the 2016 Jerk of the Year poll.

MITCHELL MOSES – (April Jerk of the Month)
Moses finished the year strongly, playing very well for Parramatta and Lebanon in the World Cup, he even earned a spot in our 2017 Rugby League World Cup Team of the Year. However, his behaviour to get his mid season move from the Tigers was certainly deserving of a Jerk of the Month for April.

COCAINE CASSIE – (May Jerk of the Month)
Cocaine Cassie, as she will now always be known, was the hard luck story of a drug mule caught in Columbia. Then the stories came out about her background. Then the family’s involvement, and apparent greed as they attempted to shop their story around. We weren’t fooled and neither were the Gurgler fans as she won the Jerk of the Month in May.

PETE EVANS – (March Jerk of the Month)
Passes early box ticking by being a TV Chef, and then there’s his dieting advice to everyone, and that awful MKR rubbish.

MARGARET COURT – (June Jerk of the Month)
Another Tennis nomination, but the now super religious Court is nominated for her views off the court not on it.

UBER DRIVERS – (Editor’s Choice)
The cyclists of the road. If you’ve caught one then it probably doesn’t matter. If you’ve driven behind them or near them, you know the arrogance, so vote away.

JARRYD HAYNE (August Jerk of the Month)
If you look away for the first four weeks of the Rugby League World Cup and Origin 1, Hayne had a pretty ordinary year, looking disinterested for most of it, and eventually got his wish for a move back to Parramatta. And a nomination for 2017 Jerk of the Year.

COURIER MAIL (November Jerk of the Month)
For their outstanding coverage of the State Election in Queensland. But the former Newspaper of the Year could be nominated for many of its crimes. Happily Brisbane has two choices – that or nothing.

TONY ABBOTT (Joint September Jerk of the Month)
Should be nominated for thinking he should be PM again alone, and cemented his Jerkdom by essentially forcing Australians to spend $120M to disagree with him. Just like they would have done if he was still in charge of the Liberal party before the last Federal Election.

NBN (October Jerk of the Month)
For disappointing the nation. Refer to the above and his successor for who is to blame.

BEN McCORMACK (Joint September Jerk of the Month)
Hard to believe a person in such a prestigious position like ACA reporter could be in court on Child Pornography charges. A little worse than a feuding neighbour or dole cheat eh Ben? Jerk.

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Don Burke, Geoffrey Rush, Matt Lauer and who knows who is next. All deserving of 2017 Jerk of the Year status by themselves.




Jan/Feb 2017 – Donald Trump

March 2017 – Pete Evans

April 2017 – Mitchell Moses

May 2017 – Cocaine Cassie

June 2017 – Margaret Court

July 2017 – Bernard Tomic

August 2017 – Jarryd Hayne

September 2017 – Ben McCormack and Tony Abbott

October 2017 – The NBN

November 2017 – Courier Mail



Here is the total votes for everyone nominated in 2017 across all of the monthly polls.

Jerk Total 2017 Votes Qualification for Jerk Of The Year
NRL 17 Top 3 Vote Winner
Donald Trump 16 Monthly Winner
Bernard Tomic 16 Monthly Winner
Nick Kyrgios 14 Top 3 Vote Winner
Ch9 RL 12 Top 3 Vote Winner
Mitchell Moses 10 Monthly Winner
Cocaine Cassie 8 Monthly Winner
Pete Evans 7 Monthly Winner
Margaret court 7 Monthly Winner
Hard Rubbish 6  
Uber Drivers 6 Editors Choice
Jarryd Hayne 5 Monthly Winner
Courier Mail 5 Monthly Winner
Tony Abbott 5 Monthly Winner
C Cassie Family 5  
Married at First Sight 5  
NBN 5 Monthly Winner
Wests Tigers Big 4 4  
Middle Lane Loafers 4  
Fraser Anning 4  
Cyclone Debbie 4  
Teddy Atlas 4  
Ben McCormack 4 Monthly Winner
Fox Sports 4  
Ronaldo 4  
Sebastian Vettel 4  
Jason Taylor 4  
Paul Pisale 3  
Taxi Jerk 3  
Ch9 Cricket 3  
Kardashian 3  
Denis Shapovalov 3  
Karl Stefanovic 3  
Robbie Farah 3  
Barnaby Joyce 3  
Sam Newman 3  
Cyclists 3  
Benny Elias 3  
Barry Hall 3  
Dual Nationality 3  
James Murray 2  
Ch9 2  
Aust Cricketers 2  
Mitchell Pearce 2  
Cricket Selectors 2  
60 Minutes 2  
Coles 2  
Jnr Trump 2  
Francesco Becchetti 2  
Delta Goodrem 1  
Peter Dutton 1  
Kim Jong Un 1  
Snapchat CEO 1  
Weinstein, Burke & Co 0 Editors Choice

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