October 2017 Jerk of the Month Nominations – Vote Now

It's time to vote for the October 2017 Jerk of the Month - find out who's nominated and why below.

2017 jerk of the year

The time of the month has come around to voting on the Jerk of the Month for October 2017, and for once it is pretty slim pickings.

Not necessarily from a viewpoint of quality but from a lack of real jerks for October.

One jerk in particular is making up for the lack of depth in numbers. And he’s already a monthly winner and multiple nomination.

See who is nominated and vote for one of them below to find out the October 2017 Jerk of the Month.



Still hard to believe the leader of the United States is running the country in 140 characters.

No point going into his many achievements in October, that’s what news.com.au is for, but is thoroughly deserving of his nomination and possibly Jerk of the Year coming in December,



Like Trump before him, he continues to demand selection in the monthly Jerk poll month after month. It has been a solid year of hard jerk-work.

This month he stormed off court after losing a first set tiebreak in a Shanghai tournament.



It’s pretty easy to dislike Channel 9, (note: not Channel Nein which is the sporting arm of the network), there’s so many reasons to dislike them.

Firstly their sport coverage arm Channel Nein, then having any Eddie Maguire is too much, The Voice, and mostly A Current Affair.

But their handling of the Lisa Wilkinson and Fatty Vautin departures was pure jerk, and another reason to dislike. And not watch.



Karl’s nomination is not due to the Lisa Wilkinson departure, mainly for a continued evolution into jerk.

He think’s he’s funny, interesting, and worth watching. We say no thanks to all three.




In an era of the most disappointing, inept and annoying decade of Government in Australia, the NBN is the flagship for what is wrong with our current decision makers.

The NBN has been much hyped and much hated across Australia, providing disappointment at every turn. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who get it straight to the house.

We are calling it out with the first non-human nomination for Jerk of the Month. Up yours NBN.





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