Celebrate National Appreciate A Farmer Week

Time to Celebrate the Great Aussie Battlers - the Farmers - with out National Appreciate a Farmer Week

national appreciate farmer week

We came across an advert in The Australian (don’t ask us why we were reading it) asking for readers to nominate their Farmer of the Year. What a great idea, and one we never thought we ever be considering. Why not vote or nominate yourself via the following link.

The Gurgler can tend to focus on Big City issues like Sydney domination of Channel Nein’s Sunday Afternoon Football, Second Division and below UK Football, and most of our content. so isn’t about time we doff our cap in the direction of the country, and specifically the farmers on the land.

With all the rain in South East Queensland this weekend, we’ll no doubt see the quintessential Farmer with his hand held out and raindrops falling in it, and they deserve it.

Who’d be a farmer these days, a thankless task sometimes to keep the big cities stocked full of produce they might use, reliant on the weather and a thousand other things. So we think they deserve a week of appreciation in our Celebrate National Appreciate A Farmer Week. 

We don’t know much about farmer’s personally, having grown up in urban Doboy, but in recognition of Celebrate National Appreciate A Farmer Week we nominate our favourite Farmers of all time.




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