Celebrate National Remember a Great TV Game Show Week

Time to remember and celebrate a great Australian TV Game Show in the newest of our Theme Weeks.

australian tv game shows

TV Game Shows are great, and have been an Australian institution for decades, if not for the lifetime of Australian TV, and given the tremendous success of the latest Australian TV Game Show – Cannonball – we thought it was time to celebrate and take a look back on some of the greatest.

OK, so Cannonball has gone quite badly and been moved to a “Special New Time”, but that was sort of to be expected as it is a poor man’s Wipeout, which really is a poor man’s It’s A Knockout. Hopefully TV execs don’t get it into their heads to remake It’s a Knockout again. Just play the old episodes, that’s what people want.

You can’t blame Channel 7 for trying, after the ratings success of Ninja Warrior, and one can only imagine that their next big hit – The Wall – will be just as big a success.

But it is great to see the Australian TV Game Show on the way back into Living Rooms, IPads, and Quest Newspapers around the country.

So what do we think are the great Australian TV Game Shows? In celebration of National Remember a Great TV Game Show Week we list our Favourite Australian TV Game Shows of all time. Most of these shows had overseas stablemates, but we are only concerned with the great Australian versions.




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