Celebrate National Carrot Appreciation Week

Time to celebrate the humble Carrot with Celebrate National Carrot Appreciation Week.

national carrot week

After two weeks of celebrating PNG Hunters Appreciation week we think it is time to move on with a fresh new theme for the new week. With an emphasis on the fresh.

With our love of celebrating the forgotten heroes of everyday life that ted to get overlooked, this week we salute the humble Carrot with the official Celebrate National Carrot Appreciation Week.

What more deserving,under appreciated vegetable than the Carrot to receive such an honour.

It all comes about after we were made aware of a Carrot glut and a major supplier’s way of dealing with the oversupply. But more on that later under the Carrot(astrophe) Day heading.

We didn’t even know that there was a critical over supply of Carrots in the Australian market. How ignorant of us, which is why we have decided to make amends with the Celebrate National Carrot Appreciation Week. Get the public involved and appreciating the Carrot again.



Why not add one carrot per person per meal all week.

Why not find out find out a new way to use Carrots in the Kitchen.

Why not draw faces on the vegetable and use the carrots to create Carrot puppets for the kids. Hours of family fun.

Why not create a sculpture using Carrots and post it to your social mediaaccount. Use the hashtag #NationalCarrotWeekArt

Why not have a Carrot based alcoholic drink. Don’t believe us? Read this story from somewhere else.



The Gurgler loves a good pun based event, and seeing the Kalfresh Carrot(astrophe) ad tickled our fancy, and indeed inspired this national celebration week.

What better way to spend a Saturday with loved ones, or impress a new potential special someone with a date in the country picking carrots. Or it could be used as a punishment for children who refuse to behave.

You could do it early on Saturday morning and be back in time for the Top Ten shootout at Bathurst. Talk about boxes ticked.

Find our more on Carrot(astrophe) Day – follow this link to the home of Carrots.

Please note: we have no commercial links to Kalfresh, and don’t intend to go despite being impressed.



National Carrot Appreciation Week is not the first of our theme weeks. Check out sme of the other forgotten or under appreciated things in life that got their moment in the sun.

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Want to suggest a theme week? Why not get in touch with us via our official email at contact@thegurgler.com or comment via our Facebook Page.




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