Celebrate National PNG Hunters Appreciation Week

Time for another theme week, and this week is dedicated to our favourite sporting team in the world - the PNG Hunters in preparation of their big day on Sunday.

intrust super cup round 21

A big event is coming this Sunday with the PNG Hunters in their first Intrust Super Cup Grand Final, and since we’ve been banging the PNG Hunters drum for 4 years it is only just that the next theme week is a week long celebration of our favourite sporting team in the world.

Nicely timed too, with the PNG Independence Day only just celebrated a few days ago. Why not combine that day into the PNG Hunters first Intrust Super Cup Grand Final appearance into a week long celebration of all things PNG Hunters.

We’ve celebrated a few things so far – Celebrate International – Remember a Great Backing Band Week, , Celebrate International Remember a Great Sporting Choke Week, and Celebrate International Lighthouse Week but not are as important as this week’s National PNG Hunters Appreciation week.

For those who have been following the team since their inception into the Queensland based Intrust Super Cup, you will likely know some of the players and how great the achievement is that they have finally made the big decider.

PNG Hunters you say?

For those not so up to date, why not follow this page at the QRL and get to know the most important names for the National PNG Hunters Appreciation Week. Or follow some of our previous stories on the PNG Hunters below:

We also highly recommend some Youtubing too, start by searching for Willie Minoga and go from there.

So, why not celebrate National PNG Hunters Appreciation Week with us, and unofficially in PNG with their many million inhabitants.

How to celebrate?

Why not buy some tickets to the big Grand Final.

Why not place a bet on the Hunters to win.

Why not wear Red, Yellow and Black on Friday at your workplace, and if anyone asks why, tell them it is for National PNG Hunters Appreciation Week.

It is a big week for the PNG Hunters, so why wouldn’t you jump on board for at least a few days for National PNG Hunters Appreciation Week.




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