Six Pack of Great Kids Shows

Kidspot listed the 10 Kids Shows that were worse than child birth - we agree and disagree and offer up what we think is six of the best.

ABC Kids is possibly the greatest Free to Air channel on the face of the earth or at least Australia. Sure, those that love their Sunday afternoon football on Channel Nein will vote for them, or news freaks will say ABC News,  but they’re wrong. ABC Kids has great kids shows, without asking for any payment, and minus the toy ads that tight arse parents don’t have to make excuses not to buy.

Some parents will try and hide the evils of TV from children as much as possible, but some is not a bad thing, especially with some of the great kids shows on offer, and it is also entertaining for the children as well.

So it was interesting when a loyal reader pointed out that the respected website Kidspot had written a piece on the 10 Kids shows that are more painful than childbirth – it was an interesting read.

Whilst we can’t talk about child birth, we certainly can about the merits of their list of bad kids show.

We not only offer our views on the Kidspot list, but add a few more on the fire and nominate our favourite great kids show.


Yes x 8.

The list has it pretty right, ones that involves too much singing are out like La La, Peg + Cat. Dirtgirl is plain annoying, although the addition of gardening guru Costa in the live action one is a great idea. Can’t have enough Costa. Charlie & Lola has a great opening tune and little else, Tree Fu Tom doesn’t even have a decent intro, although a little one we know loves it. 

Fireman Sam is annoying, if worth keeping an eye on Norman in the future, he has loner arsonist written all over him. Lazy Town is awful, and we can get away from the fact that the baddie in the show looks like Ed Kavalee from TV/Radio. Little Princess is probably the worst of all. 

No x 2.

The number spot of Baby Jake was a bit harsh, who doesn’t love the “Yakki Yoggi Yoggi, Doo doo dee, Ba ba ba bee bee boo see.” Sure the intro of the family and their ten kids living in a mill is a bit long, but there’s a certain charm to the show.

And the Chinese-Australian partnership of Hoopla Doopla is nowhere near as bad as other show. Anyone who doesn’t love Bop is either Un-Australian or Un-Chinese. The endearing if slightly hopeless fix-it man.

Any more that they didn’t mention?

Yeah, whilst the fire is raging, how about a few more to add fuel to the bonfire.

Bing, Play School, Peter Rabbit, anything with Mickey Mouse in it, and 



We’re always willing to offer our opinion with a six pack of this and that, and so with years of the ABC kids Channel under our belt we nominate our selections with some kind of experience.

Sure maybe we should grow up, but some of them can be enjoyable. Especially if your child compares you to the Farmer from Shaun the Sheep, one of the ugliest men in cartoons.


A charming story between a girl and her best friend Duck. There’s not much to it, but not much needed. You may just need to overlook the fact that a girl who can’t be more than eight lives in a two story house with only a duck for company.


Terrific kids spin off from Wallace and Gromit, and staple of the evening timeslot. Gives the Sunday NRL game a run for its money ratings-wise some days. The feature length Movie is one of the best kids movies ever.


One for the geography fans, of which have been overlooked for kids content for way too long. A disco dancing unicorn, and Nigel Mansell lookalike baddie are the highlights.


Gotta love Eeyore, showing kids it’s OK to be mopey.


Aside from the one where there’s too much singing at the start, Mr Maker makes the list as he provide multiple ideas to keep children quiet for hours. Golden time.


One wonders if B1 really knows what B2 is thinking, and if there’s something dark inside there that he is hiding from Banana pal. Solid ten minutes of child downtime though.





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