Celebrate International Weather Presenter Week

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, people are talking weather right now. Why not celebrate some of the people who talk weather for a living with our Celebrating International Weather Presenter Week

Celebrating International Weather Presenter Week

With Hurricane Irma creating headlines half a world away, there has never been a better time to celebrate the forgotten people of TV broadcasts with our Celebrating International Weather Presenter Week.

Whilst most of the coverage with the Hurricane Irma will feature news reporters standing in situations dangerous enough for being the reasons everyone else got evacuated, the weather presenters are the voice of reason that everyone turns to. And we feel they should be as celebrated, if not more than the field reporters.

Sure they may not wear a flying Stop Sign or some part of a palm tree, but they’ll be working hard behind the scenes to present the best possible report.

A shame then, that the weather presenters will get forgotten about about the big events, and go back to the last part of the news no one really cares about.

And by Weather Presenters we mean serious weather people. Not comedians turned “weather presenter” on breakfast TV, not former sitcom starts with one degree of separation to Bruno Lucia, and anyone else who is a token effort.

People demand those who live and breathe weather, not someone looking for a quick step up the fame ladder.

But we encourage you and everyone you know to celebrate International Weather Presenter Week


It wouldn’t be a theme week and/or celebration without out tuppence of opinion. So for no good reason, which is exactly the best reason possible, here are our top 5 Weather Presenters.



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