Celebrate National Dual Citizenship Week

Find your inner self from another country and celebrate National Dual Citizenship Week

national dual citizenship week

Despite already being halfway through the week, that won’t stop us from announcing our next theme week. And with all the recent breaking news over which politician is the next one to remember their dual citizenship, why not help them celebrate their second country by nominating one for yourself this week.

That’s right it is Celebrate National Dual Citizenship Week.

So join in the all of the politician’s fun and pick a country to be your temporary dual citizenship country for the week.



  • Pick your country
  • Find a meal that matches it and invite all your family and friends.
  • Learn to count to ten in the native tongue
  • Find something to wear that is close to traditional and doesn’t offend.
  • Take a photo and send it to your local federal MP or place a photo on social media using the hashtag #dualcitizenweek


So, join your elected officials in celebrating another country with the National Dual Citizenship Week.



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