Jerk of the Month Nominations for August 2017

Voting is now open to decide who is the biggest Jerk in August.

2017 jerk of the year

A month is a long time in Jerkdom, and it seems so long ago that we awarded Bernard Tomic with his July Jerk of the Month award.

So much has happened too, with another fresh batch of Jerks awaiting the ultimate accolade.

Eagle eyed Jerk of the Month followers will notice it is the first month without Nick Kyrgios nominated. After the shock of Bernard Tomic’s Tour de Force of Jerkdom in July, Kyrgios has appeared to have found some humility and humanity, and he looks like he may be able to do something at the US Open coming up. People will forgive Jerkdom up to a point when there’s some achievement.

So onto the nominations for August, and it is a diverse group as ever.

So read through and vote at the end. Vote for as many as you like. Vote early. Vote often,


Jarryd Hayne

Being paid over a million a season to be a rugby league player carries responsibilities and expectation. So July, as expected Jarryd Hayne was somewhat responsible in seeing off another coach. Most expect him to eventually drop his responsibilities at the Titans and bugger off to French Rugby. 

Jarryd Hayne’s efforts this year have been ordinary at best, and he has come across as someone who couldn’t care less about it either. Some have pinpointed his Jerk of an effort in the second half of origin Two as the pivotal moment of the series. Since origin he seems to be just there to collect the cash.

He may well collect something else, an award that is certainly not a State of Origin win, or an NRL Premiership. But a Jerk of the Month award.


Cristiano Ronaldo

There are a few similarities between Jarryd Hayne and Cristiano Ronaldo, on field arrogance being one of them, the big exception is that Ronaldo is the best football player on the planet (arguably say Messi fans) and has been at the very top of his game for over a decade. Jarryd Hayne meanwhile has a brief stint every couple of years, one of which didn’t coincide with State of Orgin games two and three.

But supreme confidence can come across as supreme arrogance and jerk. His petulant push of a referee in a recent game against Barcelona showed that jerkdom lies just below the surface.


All Dual Citizenship Politicians

Most politicians are reasonably unlikeable, except for 2016 Gurgler Person of the Year Charles Strunk, but the fact that so many of them have forgotten which country ( or in the case of a One Nation senator – planet ) makes them all Jerks.

Especially Senators who do the least amount of any politicians in the country. They get paid the most and do the least but have the power of the most important decisions in government. They are the Jarryd Hayne of Australian politics.


But Especially Barnaby Joyce

One of the biggest loud mouths and least likeable in parliament, so when he was the latest Politician called out for having dual citizenship with New Zealand there was satisfaction for many across the nation. 

Not that he is a Jerk necessarily for his NZ links, just that he has probably had it coming and duial citizenship pushed him over the line.


Foxtel/BeIn Sports/EFL

When Foxtel lost the EPL rights it sucked, but then they went out and got BeIn Sports on board. So then Football fans had all the great European leagues and our favourite – the English Football League.

Fast forward to the start of the 2017-2018 and Football fans were greeted with Teams TBA in the first week in our schedules, and then nothing at all.

As in our previous rant on the subject of EFL rights on Foxtel, the only official communication has been from someone who answers questions on the forum. No official word, no football yet. And we have now missed four games and two League Cup rounds.

Some say that BeIn Sports have put in an offer and are waiting to hear form the EFL. Foxtel don’t seem to care that people are annoyed. The EFL seem to be getting greedy and are waiting a better offer from someone for Australian rights.

We say they are all Jerks, and to fix it now. Typical the only decent year for Ipswich Town in a while, with four straight wins to start the season comes with no coverage anyway in Australia.

Sucks. And Boo.


Donald Trump

A first for Donald Trump, a previous monthly winner back for more. But it is sure hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve another Jerk nomination for August.

His handling of the protest rallies typifies just how unfit for office he is. And the staring into eclipse also shows his level of intelligence, Imagine if someone told you a few years back that the President of the US would be handling it all on Twitter.

Another potential Jerk of the Month wins awaits.


Middle Lane Loafers

Anyone who gets to drive on a multi lane highway in Australia will know the Middle Lane Loafer. The car that sits around the 95km/h in the 100km/h zone, but refuses to get out of the way and move to the furthest left lane, causing everyone to go around them either side.

They think they are being safe, but are causing more issues by driving like a jerk. Not speeding is great, doing 5-10 km/h under the limit isn’t. Jerks.





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