Pacquiao v Horn Rematch Potential Venues

The Pacquiao v Horn rematch needs venue and we have our thoughts on where it should be.

 Pacquiao v Horn rematch.

Since the greatest fight on Australian soil secured a new World Champion in potential Gurgler Person of the Year Jeff “Fighting Primary School Teacher” Horn, there’s been much talk of a Pacquiao v Horn rematch, and State Government are licking their lips at the prospect of hosting the big event.

Nice of the other big cities to jump on board now that Horn is a World Champion, not many, if any, weren’t rushing in to host fights that ended up playing out at Chandler in Brisbane. Typical of Sydney too, the most premium of sports watching cities in Australia who only show up to the big name events they feel they have a god given right to. The fact that Nicole Kidman sought out the promoter to talk up Sydney makes us hate the idea even more. Thankfully it was Nicole Kidman and not Russell Crowe banging the Sydney drum.

But should Brisbane get it either, does Sydney get the Pacquiao v Horn rematch anyway, or is there somewhere else that no one has though of, until now. 

So here is our shortlist of potential venues for the Pacquiao v Horn rematch. We wonder if we’ll get a little closer than our predictions for the Pacquiao v Horn undercards for the first bout.



The obvious place for the Pacquiao v Horn rematch would be place which so successfully hosted the first bout. And why shouldn’t the state of Queensland be rewarded for taking on the first bout. But that first bout was in the beautiful winter sunshine of July, not in the sweat and spicy humidity of Brisbane post Ekka. Plenty of options have been thought of to cool down the men in the ring, but there’s not much they can do about a typical afternoon storm that cross the city. What’s a little hail when you’re punching each other in the face anyway.



Bigger than Suncorp is about the only claim. It is a shit ground to watch a game of football at, and that is played on a field 100m long, not a boxing ring less than 6m per side and a metre off the ground. SFS may be a better option, but Sydney isn’t the right fit.



Go big or go home should be the warcry from Melbourne and their giant stadium. If it is purely on numbers then the G makes sense. It certainly would be iconic enough, and with seating on the playing surface should fit in at least 200,00 fight fans. It would be a consolation if it were Victoria to steal it rather than NSW, but still feels wrong not to be in Brisbane.



After the country got to see a proper fight in Pacquiao v Horn, why would promoters want to go back to the scene of a Mundine v Green fight. 



What a dramatic scene to see the two pugilists going at it around sunset in front of the great Australian icon. Space would be no issue, somehow constructing many temporary grandstands to fit in the 400,000 fans would be. 

But imagine the influx of tourist dollars into the Northern Territory.



Instead of a soulless stadium in Sydney why not showcase one of its strengths at Bondi Beach. If it was good enough for Olympic Beach Volleyball to have stands constructed it is certainly good enough for the  Pacquiao v Horn rematch. 

Whilst not as many could fit in as other bigger stadium, who wouldn’t be willing to pay a hefty premium for the once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s mostly about the TV rights anyway.



Whilst on the beach theme, how about hiring an entire island, and all spectators have to pay a premium to view the fight, but have the added bonus of access of the entire island.

After the devastation of the Cyclone, what better way for Jeff Horn and co to give back to the affected people of the Whitsunday region.



Small but a distinctive venue, the  Pacquiao v Horn rematch could act as the perfect undercard for the rest of the fights which will play out after the big bout has finished.



If Sydney and Melbourne bid and can’t quite work it out between them, we have the perfect solution. Why not go to a town almost halfway between the two.

Yess to Yass


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