Bernard Tomic win Jerk of the Month July 2017

Bernard Tomic wins the Jerk of the Month for July 2017 in a canter, He's earned it.

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Bernard Tomic jumped from out of the shadows of fellow Tennis Jerk, and into the public’s attention with an outstanding Jerk performance in July (and plenty of other months previously) and as such has been rewarded by the readers of The Gurgler with the Jerk of the Month award for July 2017.

For so long he has been trailing Nick Kygrios as one of the more unpopular sports stars in the country, but his top notch Jerk performance at Wimbledon, and followed it up with a snarling interview on Channel Seven has seen him become a real Jerk in his own right, and our readers have saluted that.

As part of that interview he says he would tell his younger self not to get involved in tennis. What a shame that would have been for Tennis Jerk fans everywhere and news outlets reporting his rubbish. There’s nothing Australians love more than a rich kid who has had plenty go his way with loads of ability throwing it all away. Not the money, just the tennis.

Best of all, he doesn’t care what you think, so if you voted for Bernard “The Tank” “Telstra” Tomic, or feel a little bad for him winning this award don’t. He said he doesn’t care.

Unlike his tennis, his victory here in the Jerk of the Month for July was comprehensive, the biggest victory gap seen this year.

Tomic beat another quality field, and it seems every month that our monthly nomination list is bulging.

He beat regular nominations like the Channel Nein State of Origin Commentary team, and the NRL, both of whom can’t be too far away from a monthly victory, and might just sneak into the end of year ballot.

Also polling strongly were moaning road raging Ferrari F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, Teddy Atlas who is the Jerk who couldn’t accept Aussie hero Jefff Horn’s win, Mitchell Pearce got dumped on a few times but as ever couldn’t win, and talking of dumps Donald Trump Jnr and the Australian Cricket Team got some votes.

But take nothing away from Bernie, he earned this Jerk of the Month award for July and we certainly look forward to seeing a little more of his gear for the rest of the year. Unless he couldn’t be arsed to be a jerk, which we would then see a Jerk act and nominate him again. Win win.



So how did the results end up? See below for the final tally.



Below are the monthly winner of Jerk of the Month, they all will qualify for the annual award. Amongst others whose all year effort should be honoured.

Feb 2017 – Donald Trump

March 2017 – Pete Evans

April 2017 – Mitchell Moses

May 2017 – Cocaine Cassie

June 2017 – Margaret Court




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