State of Origin Game 3 – The Gurgler’s Wash Up

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With the State of Origin wrapped up for another year, there’s never been a better time to review the series that was with The Gurgler’s Wash Up.

We will look into the biggest game of rugby league since the PNG Hunters hopefully won the 2017 premiership for our many fan.

So follow below our State of Origin Game Three Wash Up.


Whilst the Troy Walton reference will be lost on the the three other people who will read our washup, what shouldn’t be lost is how good a winger in Origin must be to win a man of the series award.

Gagai was hard pressed not to be named the best in Game Two, and was by some distance Queensland’s best in Game One. So he only needed a Queensland win and a good but not great performance in Game Three to be close to M.O.S.

He was great again in Game Three, not best but very good, and every time he touched the ball he asked the question of the Blues defence. Occasionally they answered with being bundled into touch during the series, but few could deny his impact, and deserving status as Man O Series.


We were lucky enough at The Gurgler to see a young Cameron Munster giving it to the PNG Hunters in the wet at Langlands Park, and it was a performance that caught the eye. Here was a youngster against the brutes that are the PNG Hunters and he gave plenty.

He proved he was up to the task for the Storm since his debut, and has proved one of their best since.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s Origin game, and he showed again he is up to the class in Origin with a dtorng performance that would have won Man of the Match if Cameron Smith didn’t exist. Looks like a number 6 for the future, even if he is probably a better fullback.


There was a real distinct lack of hate in the press between the two sides, and eagle eyed viewers may have picked up David Klemmer reaching out to shake hands before the siren.

Whilst the sportsmanship and lack of News Ltd fodder was a welcome change and should be admired, as Origin ruins the NRL enough with their rubbish 4 / 5 /6 game rounds, were the Blues angry enough for the whole of the series?

Where was the Fifita from Game One and last year’s series when he put a choke hold on Gavin Cooper? Given Paul Gallen’s form for the Sharks this season ,they could have done worse than send an SOS for Game Three.


Three painful games of Channel Nein down, one to go (Grand Final).

We are aware of how Commercial TV works, however, Channel Nein could scarsely have fitted in more Cross Promote, or advertising if they tried. 

Half time analysis was pitiful, after the making it through the ads.

The Sportsbet odds for the upcoming NRL rounds was excessive, and was flogging a show which is barely better than the Wipeout show that is only good enough to make it to the GO Channel, and is the poorest man’s It’s A Knockout.

How Channel Nein can have a flagship show, which is ripped off SBS is hard to imagine for such a big network.

The Telstra Tracker was thankfully under utilised after most of its use was de-scoped, as was the dreadful Spider Cam.

On the coverage, the bottom lip from the commentary was evident early, as was the constant references to any Queenslander not from Queensland. It took Rabs five minutes to ensure all viewers around the 97 countries taking the broadcast knew that, as well as pointing out any forward pass, penalty or incident that wasn’t called in the favour of NSW. 

Thankfully he is partial, loves his Sunday Afternoon Football, and has re-signed at Channel Nein for 5 years. Better let Foxtel know we’ll be hanging around for a while.

We understand that ads are part of FTA coverage, but if they didn’t take the piss on rugby league’s biggest night, more fans might tune in outside of Origin. Not us, we’re off to Fox League as soon as Friday evening. Returning to Channel Nein for the excellent Intrust Super Cup coverage.


Fatty Vautin rarely makes sense, it is a by product of hosting the Logie winning Footy Show for decades. And usually his Origin contribution is limited to applauding anything a Manly player does, and trying to be partial against Queensland by being way to apologetic towards NSW.

But he did bring up an interesting, and relevant point.

After Game One NSW were on a high after pulling Queensland’s pant down at home. But the Press and many NSW based friends of The Gurgler were very quick to point out that dynasty was coming. Not the Courtier Mail, they were too busy reporting on Donald Trump, how bad the ALP are in Queensland, and the Broncos – the team they own a slice of.

Just like when NSW won the game at the MCG as few years back when they were way to good for Queensland, the talk of dynasties started up again. It lasted one game, and you would have to work hard to remember when NSW last won two live rubbers in a row.

Sure it shouldn’t affect the players, but it certainly looked like it did at half time in Game Two. The Blues never recovered.


Despite all his Origin experience and passion, Laurie Daley is now a four time losing Origin coach. Had it have been the Championship in English football he would have been sacked with ten minutes to go in Game Two. But thankfully rugby league gives a head coach more time.

But is Laurie Daley the answer?

Look at he passion displayed by Andrew Johns post game, and think of the skills and training he would offer, and he it all sums up to a great prospect. He gets Origin, which seems to have been missing lately from the Blues.


Most people will blame Mitchell Pearce for the loss, but it was their kicking game that let them down.

Unfortunately for NSW, the best kick of the night landed straight on the chest of former Origin legend, and part time table dancer and restaurateur Allan Langer.


Of all the people you could expect in the Queensland dressing room after the game, Molly Meldrum wasn’t one of them. But he loves his league and Melbounre Storm so why now.

One could only have hoped for fellow Hey Hey favourites like a little Dicky Knee popping up, Marty Fields and/or Shane Bourne or Andrew Fyfe doodling some of the players as they tasted the sweet, sweet amber fluid that is XXXX Gold to make it a real retro month for Channel Nein. 


There’s so many points we could but we’re tired and need to go to bed, so here is some quicks ones.

  • Cameron Smith made up for a quietish series by doing the job in Game Three.
  • Despite the win, Queensland should not forget that Tim Glasby is a plodder, Papalii did nothing, and having a halfback on the bench instead of an impact forward is a stupid idea.
  • Origin should only ever be played in Sydney and Brisbane. F*** Melbourne, NZ, Perth, Adelaide, Albury but not Wodonga, 
  • When government decide to build great stadiums in the future, they should remember having one close to town is great and makes sense.
  • Channel Nein stinks.
  • Can’t wait until 2018 when Game Three will be standalone, and we will finally get to enjoy how Origin should be now, and forever. By then the NRL will hopefully have woken up to the fact that Origin is great for three nights a year, but is it worth ruining the NRL for 8 weeks?\



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