Bernard Tomic Exit from Wimbledon a Masterclass in Jerk

bernard tomic wimbledon exit

Say what you will about Bernard Tomic, some say he is a spoilt brat, some say he is the epitome of a Tennis Jerk, some would go as far as to say he is a prized turd who should have the entitled smart ass smirk wiped off his face by a Karcher, and although they may well be correct, we disagree. We say he is a genius, and the Bernard Tomic Exit from Wimbledon show was a taste of the genius. And he is also the proud winner of 2017 Jerk of the Year.

There are loads of people, news programs and respected people on the streets lining up to lambast the Australian Tennis Jerk, but after the Bernard Tomic Exit from Wimbledon we won’t hear it.

Whilst the Australian Cricketers are protesting and technically doing nothing or a lot for no pay, perhaps they should call in Telstra Tomic (named as such for his continuing phoning it in – thanks Leith) who has perfected doing nothing for loads of pay. Genius.

Then there’s the ongoing feud with Nick Kyrgios to become the biggest Tennis Jerk in the world, and one of the most disliked “sportsmen” in Australia. The Tennis Jerk twins have been battling for years to see who can be the most entitled and obnoxious, and like Tennis ability, world ranking, and achievement Nick Kyrgios has had Bernard Tomic covered. The best Bernard Tomic can offer is the occasional win, combined with pout and a barely convincing shrug of shoulder. Until this week’s exit from Wimbledon.

Sensing that the hatred towards Nick Kyrgios was low after it appeared he was genuinely injured after his first round Wimbledon exit, although quite a few in the know cried Wolf! Wolf!, Bernard Tomic knew that there was an opening to do something special. Genius.

Knowing that after Kyrgios’ exit a simple first round straight sets loss wouldn’t be enough, he proceeded to feign injury, only to admit later that he wasn’t injured at all, just merely bored with Tennis. Genius.

Then, sensing the kill for top Tennis Jerk prize, he then got up a reporter who had the audacity to question whether he should be paid. Yet another smart move as nothing pisses the Australian public off more in this day and age than someone who has plenty of money and entitlement getting money for nothing, all whilst travelling the world as a job. To get that level of hate aimed towards you can be summed up in one word. Genius.

Sure he was fined a record by Wimbledon committee, and lost his Tennis Racket sponsorship, but he still makes a profit from the one game, and you can’t buy the levels of hatred he had received form fellow punters. And if he was smart enough, have a reality TV show to see who his next racquet sponsorship/provider. Talk about win win.

Even daring to ask them if Roger Federer or Djokovic should give their money back despite winning and actually trying. Genius.

Some say his story is a sad one, but one wonders why they care. Bernard Tomic, aka Jerk of the Month in waiting for July 2017, doesn’t. He’ll be home soon enough doing a tribute to Uncle Scrooge diving into his vault of coins. His story of Jerkdom deserves no pity, just admiration for dedication to the cause. A doff of the cap at the Genius.

The question remains will he beat Nick Kyrgios and be the biggest Tennis Jerk of the Month? It all depends on Nick Kyrgios stepping it up for the latter half of the year. Bernard Tomic will need to continue his great form in Jerk to an even higher level. We’ll back him, he is a genius.

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Or stand by for the July Jerk of the Month nominations. Surely the name Tomic will be there.

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