Exclusive – Obscure Census 2016 Results They Haven’t Released Until Now

The ABS have released some of the Census 2016 Results but not all, The Gurgler can exclusively reveal some of the ones too obscure for mainstream media.

census 2016 results

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (A.BS) released some more Census 2016 Results this week, and many news sites and TV Programs around Australia were quick to jump on anything that was religion or Muslim related. It also highlighted that Australians were losing interest in religion.

This came as no surprise, and for us you can not rule out the link of Be In Sports and a 24 Hour Rugby League Channel joining the Fox Sports fleet as the direct reason for this. Instead of kneeling, sitting, or slumping at a local church, Australians can now watch all the Football and Rugby League they want.

The proper Census 2016 Results were explained in much more reliable websites – like the ABC’s reporting of the average person – although reporting that the average person is female is a little unfair.

But with the big news outlets grabbing the big statistics, the A.BS have exclusively provided The Gurgler with the lesser known and more obscure Census 2016 Results.

Who else would dare or bother with publishing these kind of Census 2016 Results. Us of course.

Census 2016 Results – EVERYDAY STATS

Here are some of the statistics from the everyday lives of Australians.

35% of Australians admitted are unable to work out which week is Recycling Bin week without looking down the street.

23% of Australian parents said their preferred method of child minding is ABC Kids Channel.

86% of Australians said they hated all of the Coles Down Down ads. 100% of people who class themselves as “Advertising Executives” couldn’t understand why.

96% of people surveyed admitted they hadn’t listened to a single David Bowie song since the last Census before he died.

17% of people admitted to regularly riding a bike (once a week or more) the other 83% hate them. 1% of cyclists also hate themselves.

50% of people said that VB was Australia’s worst beer. 50% said XXXX Bitter was. 2 People said anything with Pine Infused is.

Census 2016 Results – SPORT, SPORT, SPORT

Australians love their sport, and why not, there’s so many to choose from all year round. Here are some interesting insights into Australians from the Census 2016 Results.

30% of Australian Homes now have the 24 Hour Fox League Channel. 99.8% of those people watched their first game on Channel Nein for State of Origin One. 100% of those complained how bad it was.

85% of all Sunday 4pm games in the NRL are in Sydney between all Sydney teams.

0% of those games are in Brisbane.

1% of Channel Nein WWOS Producers can point to Canberra and New Zealand on a map.

Census 2016 Results – ORDER IN THE HOUSE

Do Australians really give a toss about politics, some of these statistics will prove they don’t.

99% of Queenslanders have forgotten who Wyatt Roy was.

98% of Queenslanders can’t spell Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s full name. 100% of those don’t care to learn.

45% of Australians say they wouldn’t vote if they didn’t have to.

20% of Australians say they won’t unless there is some kind of amateur sausage sizzle available when voting.

85% of Australians don’t like either political leader. 15% are related or friendly with Tony Abbott.

100% of Barnaby Joyce approves of Barnaby Joyce. 25% of Peter Dutton approves of Peter Dutton.

That is all of the Obscure Census 2016 Results we have been given by the A.BS for the moment, stay tuned for more data releases in the future.

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