Gurgler Sporting Conspiracies – Ch9 Behind Australian Cricket Pay Dispute

The Australian Cricket Pay Dispute has reached as ugly stage as the players are currently unemployed, but very few know who is really behind it. We do.

Australian Cricket Pay Dispute

As the Australian Cricket Pay Dispute passes the June 30 deadline for action, the Australian sporting world starts to wonder what will happen to the 200 odd cricketers who are now unemployed and most of our sport of choice in summer.

Thoughts of how the Australian Cricket Pay Dispute got to this point will no doubt be the talk of the office, work site and on platform 1 but not 2 of Sunshine station. Who is to blame? And is there a sinister motive behind the scenes.

The answer is Yes, and Channel Nein’s Summer of Cricket Commentary Team.

Not content with ruining summers with their claptrap and self indulgent tripe that earned them the 2016 Jerk of the Year, they have been found out as behind the current Australian Cricket Pay Dispute so they can all make a comeback just in time for the Ashes.

After many consecutive summers of reliving their glory day via their commentary, making sure the viewers are aware at every possible moment that they are former cricketers and bloody great ones, they’ve decided that hearing about it is no longer good enough and that they all will be making an on field return to take on England in the Ashes.

Instead of ensuring every classic catch relic video, KFC Quiz question or back in the day video is about them they can now get back on the field for their viewing pleasure.

And Channel Nein have ensure that there will be cutting edge technology and never before seen social media interactivity. All former cricketers playing will be miked up, meaning that they can now not only talk to each other on the field, but can now happily talk about themselves to the viewing public. Just the way they like it.

All of them will also be issued with a mobile phone for use on the field, so he more technical savvy among them can live tweet for all their many followers.

So don’t be fooled, like how Channel Nein run the NRL with their TV scheduling priorities, their even worse Cricket commentary team are behind the Australian Cricket Pay Dispute, and not about the current players, it’s all about them. Like always, like the way they like it.

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