Jerk of the Month Nominations – June 2017

Time again to vote for Jerk of the Month, and this bumper crop for June 2017 are just begging for your vote. find out who they are now.

jerk of the month

A month comes around so quick, and so do our Jerk of the Month nominations for June 2017.

There has been much jerkdom throughout June, and there has been some late charges toward the title of Jerk of the Month for June.

May 2017 saw our first female winner of a Jerk of the Month award, proving that gender is no barrier for being a Jerk. And there’s more nominated for June.

Before we get into this months nominations, why not have a look at the varied array of previous winners.

Jerk of the Month Previous Winners

February 2017 – Donald Trump

March 2017 – Pete Evans

April 2017 – Mitchell Moses

May 2017 – Cocaine Cassie

2016 Jerk of the Year – Channel Nein Cricket Commentary

Onto the June 2017 choices for Jerk of the Month. Find our poll at the end of this article or on our home page to add your selection/s.

Don’t forget you can nominate a Jerk of the month for July anytime by getting in touch at


Ex sports stars get way too much exposure these days, and Margaret Court is a prime example of why we should tell most of the ex sports people to shut up once they’ve retired. We even suggested what to do with retired athletes to weed out the rubbish like what comes out of Margaret Court’s mouth.

Sitting on a high horse of bible and cross, she has tore through women’s tennis and has plenty to say about LGBTI community. Pity some are listening. Removing her name from the Tennis Arena is a good start, voting for her in the June 2017 Jerk of the Month awards would be the final insult.


John McEnroe put his hand up to coach the troubled Australian and the fiery TJ (Tennis Jerk) told the previous world record of the TJ title that he was dreaming. Whether Kyrgios could be helped by John McEnroe, or if it could have been the worst sporting partnership is not the point, being a jerk is, and is why he is up for the fifth time in a row.

Although, if we’re honest he probably doesn’t have to do much to be nominated, and were also covering his inevitable shameful and controversial exit from Wimbledon.


Two down, one to go. The dreaded Origin period is bad enough with the NRL going into hibernation for two months, but then we have to put up with Channel Nein and their awful, and slowly declining Origin coverage.

State lines don’t matter when it comes to loathing the Nein commentary, both sides of the Tweed can’t wait to get back to Fox League this weekend, but the complete one sidedness of the box was something else this month. And the only Queenslander in the box seemed to be over compensating for being the only Queenslander in the box. Despite the constant barrage of dissatisfaction Channel Nein don’t care. Just one more to go.


Until they stop ruining the NRL during State of Origin they will be nominated.


For getting rid of Phil Liggett from Tour de France coverage. Sure cyclist sucks and deserve nomination for Jerk of the Month every month, but the smooth sounds of Phil Liggett late at night is a winter warmer for sports fans.


The February 2017 Jerk of the Month winner demands nomination most months, and so can have another this month. The solar panels on the Mexican wall is a fine idea.


Those who had buyer’s remorse over voting for Brexit are probably not enjoying Teresa May in charge in the UK. Not as bad as Trump, but still nominated for Jerk of the Month all the same.

Called early election and nearly lost power, and handling the towering inferno proves has angered many, they get their chance to sat F### back by voting her to Jerk of the Month.


Nominated by one of our readers, we think it is a shame how bad the decline has got. If he is guilty of the things he has been accused of then it could be the rest of his life in jail. That makes us sad, as it wouldn’t be an Ipswich official function without Paul Pisale there. And you know he would be there.


We have already investigated this way of life earlier in the month, and there is a collective agreement that these people who stack their utes above Beverley Hillbillies levels full of discarded crap are amongst the most ignorant, selfish and annoying people of all.


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