What to do with Retired Australian Sports Stars

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Margaret Court’s recent tirades against everything brings up a question over what to do with retired Australian Sports Stars.

With 24 Hour News Channels, and constant sporting tidbits required for all media, the opinion of retired Australian Sports Stars has never been more sought after.

Problem is there is no vetting, anyone’s opinion can be sought, no matter the quality. Some even offer it when no one was asking. Case in point Margaret Court’s recent outbursts, and most of Benny Elias’ work of late.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there needs to be some serious weeding done.

The only way is to introduce a structure and a requirement for membership for both the retired sports star, and the media to contact them. So we can get the best of the best opinions.

As we are ever-helpful here at The Gurgler, we have come up with a suggestion and institute name to get things started.


The Retired Association Tranche of Australian Sporting Stars is a way to ensure only the best of the best opinion from our former sporting greats makes the newspapers, Fox Sports News 500, and Quest and other Regional Newspapers.

First of all, we need the comments of the Retired Australian Sports Stars, but we also need them to be relevant and worthwhile. We also need to ensure the future paths of Retired Australian Sports Stars after they retire is mother sailing. As no one has done it tougher than a sports star.

As a duty of care from the relevant sport’s governing body, receiving a membership form when announcing a retirement is mandatory, and anyone wanting a media career or to occasionally give an opinion must join. For a small nominal fees that will got back to the grassroots of their chosen sport.

From there if any of the Retired Australian Sports Stars want to offer up an opinion on their blog, or in an interview for any media, they must be a member. And membership can be revoked if comments provided are deemed too controversial, too stupid, or too boring to warrant having an opinion.

Better still, all Australian Media outlets are then required to only use the RATASS members for the use of former sporting opinion. This will weed out fools who want to have their own agenda

A great thing is the catch phrase is already there to be used. Who gives a Rat’s Arse? Ratass Do.

To ensure that the sports fans around the country get their say too, an online poll/vote will take place in December each month to remove the 5 most unpopular Retired Australian Sports Stars from the RATASS. This would include the Channel Nein Cricket Commentary teams as they are all former Australian Sports Stars. So we would envisage one M.Slater being one of the first to fall under the Membership chop rule.

Former RATASS members are allowed to reapply after 12 months.

Failure to comply will result in fines for both the athlete and the media outlet, with all money collected to be filtered back into the grassroots.

It’s an out there suggestions, but in a news world that has more sporting opinions than, wouldn’t it be nice to get quality over quantity.


The TOP 5 potential new RATASS Members we want to hear from.

Wendell Sailor
Leroy Loggins
Mark Webber
Francis Awaritefe
Rex Hunt

The Sports Stars we no longer want to hear from, as so will be denied RATASS membership.

Michael Slater
Michael Slater
Benny Elias
Michael Slater
Michael Clarke



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