State of Origin Betting Events They Have Missed

With so many State of Origin betting options why would you need any more, because our alternative options are all excellent.

state of origin betting

The first game of the biggest thing in rugby league is almost here, and hand in hand with any sporting event these days is the State of Origin Betting.

With over 200 State of Origin Betting options provided by most decent betting companies, there has never been more choice and ways to lose your money.

But is it enough?

Of course it isn’t. We say more is more, and to bet early and bet often.

So for you, the savvy rugby league punter, we provide a list of alternative State of Origin Betting for your consideration.

Why not get on the campaign and use the #tweetabet tag to various betting companies to get them on board so you can win big.



What time will the game actually kick off?

Before 8:10pm – $101
Before 8:15pm – $51
Before 8:20pm – $21
8:21pm – $10
8:22pm – $8
8:23pm – $4
8:24pm – $1.50
8:25pm – $2.50
8:26pm – $4
8:27pm – $5
8:28pm – $6
8:29pm – $8
After 8:29pm – $10

TIP – 8:23pm

Will there be a Dale Shearer-Ricky Stuart style Kicking Duel?

Minimum 2 kicks per side. Final say given to Rowdy himself if it qualifies.

Yes $1001
No $1.000001

TIP – Yes Please

How long will the Gus Gould Intro go for?

0 – 30 seconds – $3
30 – 60 seconds – $1.50
60 – 90 seconds $4
Over 90 seconds – Pass the remote.

TIP 60 – 90 seconds

Will there be a Commercial Musical Tie In for the national Anthem Singer?

Yes $1.000000001
No $2001

TIP: You know it will.

Now that most League fans will have to watch Channel Nein for the first time this season, what will be the overall reaction?

Positive $999999
Negative $1.

TIP: A No for Channel Nein will be Universal.

Will there be a punch thrown?

Yes $2.50
No $1.50

See further market options for which player throws the first punch.

TIP: Yes

What will be the net metre gain/loss from the point of the match’s first collision?

Final judgement call from Sam Backo

Attacking Team gains  > 0m to 1m – $2
Attacking Team gains  1m to 2m – $3
Attacking Team gains  2m to 5m – $7
Attacking Team gains  over 5m – $13
Attacking Team Scores a try from 1st hit up – $201
0 movement – $1.50
Attacking Team loses > 0m to 1m – $4
Attacking Team loses 1m to 2m – $5
Attacking Team loses 2m to 5m – $10
Attacking Team loses over 5m – $15
Attacking Team pushed into the In Goal – $21

TIP: Attacking Team pushed into the In Goal

Will Schapelle Corby attend the Origin match?

Yes $3.00
No $1.35

TIP – We say yes. Only Schapelle Corby could out-hype Origin.


Who will be the most painful Channel Nein commentator/expert?

Results taken from Twitter poll open for 5 minutes after the game.

Brad Fittler $1.50
Wally Lewis $2
Paul Vautin $2.50
Ray Warren $3
Gus Gould $4
Andrew Johns $5
Peter Sterling $1001

TIP – Paul Vautin

As part of the now traditional lead into State of Origin, what will be the final story on ACA before the coverage starts?

Feuding Neighbours $1.50
New Fad Diet $2
Shonky Salesman $3
Shonky Tradesmen $3
Infomercial masquerading as a Consumer Affair segment $4
Internet Love Scam $6
Network Cross Promote $9
Host strips down to reveal full body leopard print Lycra outfit and proceeds to get on a unicycle and whilst doing laps of the desk singing ACDC’s Let There Be Rock they are juggling flaming Ten Pin Bowling Balls – $501

TIP – Network Cross Promote.




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