Gurgler Shop Presents – Schapelle Corby Board Game + More

Schapelle Corby is out of Bali and into the Australian hearts. We honour the convicted drug trafficker with an all new board game.

schapelle corby

The Schapelle Corby home coming has been huge news across Television, websites, and social media and so why wouldn’t such a reputable website like ours try to cash in too.

Given that her time in the sun is quickly fading, and she will soon be just another face worth avoiding on the Gold Coast or Logan, we at The Gurgler Shop are proud to offer up our new Schapelle Corby Board Game – Where in the World is Schapelle Corby.

A classic take on the even more classic educational Commodore 64 game, we have turned it into a board game for enjoyment for the whole family.

There’s will be hearty chuckles and guffaws as each person tries to work out which flight Schapelle Corby got on, which hotel room or place she is staying at, and where will she end up.

Hours of fun awaits.

While we’re at it too, we thought we’d do a special Winter sale to get rid of the backlog of other special Gurgler Shop board games.

Take a look at our exclusive range below.


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