6 Ways to improve Australian Harness Racing

Australian Harness Racing is under appreciated and undervalued, we suggest six ways we could improve the show for those Trots fans.

australian harness racing

It’s Saturday night, and you’ve had a big/good/bad day on the punt, and all that’s left is the pub converting itself into a makeshift cougar ready niteclub, and the Australian Harness Racing softly broadcasting in the corner.

Like a lot of things in life, there’s probably a lot of things you wouldn’t do sober of if you had a better or even an alternative option, and betting on Australian Harness Racing is probably one of those things.Not that there is anything wrong with Australian Harness Racing, it’s just that in this modern day world of almost unlimited sports and internet betting option.

That’s not Harness Racing’s fault, but maybe they just need to jazz up their image to try and capture the general public’s, and at minimum the casual punter’s attention.

Here then is some ideas to get people more interested in Australian Harness Racing.

Water Skis

With a world that is becoming more daring, maybe it is the fact the Australian Harness Racing is not dangerous enough is an issue that keeps it from being more interesting.

What about then replacing the sulky (where the drivers sits) with water ski type equipment. The driver will still be in control of the animal but will now need to control themselves as well, and likely to be sliding all over the place.

Add a few jumps and you’re really starting to get something happening, and it would no doubt be Australia’s largest betting event if it came off.


More Monte

We happened across Monte on a Friday afternoon session and what a refreshing twist on the usual dross that is Australian Harness Racing.

Maybe it is the thought that the drivers don’t do enough work, or there’s not enough potential for disaster in normal Harness Racing, but adding more Monte Harness Racing is a must if you not only want to get more punters on board, but also get a broader audience involved.

It is a completely arguable fact that women love Monte Harness Racing more than regular pacing or trotting.



There is nothing on earth that could not benefit from Monkeys, and Australian Harness Racing is certainly no exception.

Some class Australian Harness Racing drivers in the same honesty level as Indian Bookmakers, Deputies at the ATO and anyone associated with A Current Affair, so why not replace them with some honesty.

Not sure who would be in charge of the training, or how safe it would be, that’s a Workplace Health & Safety matter, and our WHS Specialist Gary is unable for comment.



Whilst Gary is away, why not float the use of blindfolds with the drivers, with a second person barking instructions similar to the cox in Rowing.

What delightful mayhem would follow.



OK, they won’t be real landmines, no one is that sadistic, but think exploding golf ball type puffs of white smoke placed randomly around the track.

As long as they don’t scare the horses too much, it should be a nice little random event in every race to keep the punters interested. And talk about by product, why open a market of how many of the 26 “landmines” will be run over, as well as first horse to set one off, and take a First Four of which horses will do it in order.



Fact, things that go in the air are more exciting than things that don’t.

Take air travel over a train. Think Wright Brothers instead of the Iro brothers. Take a bird man rally over a person merely walking into the ocean. Take Michael Jordan over a Sumo wrestler.

So why not add jumps to the man and back straights in some of the Australian Harness Racing events.

It will be fascinating to see which horse/driver combo does the best over the jumps. Another by product is that the jumps could be scored akin to other rubbish Olympic events which need to be scored.

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