Qantas New Plane Naming Competition – A Six Pack of the Best from Us

Qantas New Plane Naming Competition

Australians have the chance of a lifetime as Qantas New Plane Naming Competition was announced to the masses over the weekend and what a tremendous opportunity for all Australians to ensure a slice of Australia adorns the national carrier.

Whilst the names one would expect are being thrown around like Vegemite, Uluru, Kakadu and interestingly but no less deserved Hills Hoist.

Those and more are what you would expect for the Qantas New Plane Naming Competition, and many will jump on board with their own Aussie, Aussie, Aussie selections.

But at The Gurgler we pride ourselves on doing something different, and we also champion the causes of those who have been forgotten by the mainstream. So for your consideration, please accept our suggestions for the Qantas New Plane Naming Competition.



Is there a name more synonymous with modern international air travel that the name Corby. With the all important South East Asian market ripe for picking, what better way for potential travellers to feel right at home with a name they can trust on the side of the plane.

The Corby plane will always be up for a good time, and yes, there will be extra room for those looking for a surfing holiday.


Australians love a great Aussie Battler, and Steven Bradbury is one of those and his unlikely Winter Olympic gold medal is still cherished to this day by all real Australians.

What better way to honour the first Winter Olympian to nab gold for Australia than to slap his name and a mural of his face of disbelief as he crossed the line.

It could also be a great reserve plane waiting in the hangar for when/if a Qantas plane breaks down.



With numerous places on the map likely to be offered up by the public in the Qantas New Plane Naming Competition, but we believe very few, if any, or not many, or maybe too many will suggest Betoota.

Situated on the way to Birdsville, it is remote enough and outback enough to qualify as an iconic place to name a place after.

Throw in that the town with a population of zero people supplies the finest publication in Australia at least, if not the world, with the famous Betoota Advocate.

Nothing says Australia and the outback more than Betoota.



Talking of Betoota, friend of the publication Bob Katter is certainly deserving of having a Qantas plane named after him.

There would hardly be a more recognised Australian politician than the member for Kennedy aka Bob Katter.

Whilst he comes across as a little crazy, and some of his policies don’t tick everyone’s boxes, few could argue that a plane with a giant Katter on the front wouldn’t do Australia proud in skies around the world.



For someone who has become such a staple of Australian TV, and Australian life itself, Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi has been sorely under-represented by accolades and tributes.

The Qantas New Plane Naming Competition finally gives a chance to honour the man who has done so much for the television industry.

As a fitting tribute to the early pioneering days, the plane will be fitted with a replica mullet attached to the rear wing.



No one entertained an entire nation than Daryl Somers and co with Hey Hey It’s Saturday, and had it not been for some unfortunate timing of a Michael Jackson impersonator, it would probably still have Australia in stitches.

So for the Qantas New Plane Naming Competition we suggest and recommend the Daryl Somers Hey Hey It’s A Plane. Like other planes it could be painted featuring all your favourite stars including but not limited to Dickey Knee, A Cartoon from that bloke who was on that kids show with Alison Brae (Guess What), Maurie but not Marty Field, Ossie Ostrich, Raymond J Bartholomew, those guys who did the bobsled with chairs and the Music Men.  All voiceovers and safety demonstrations will be done by John Blackman.




Since Australia have been claiming the great New Zealanders of all time, what better tribute and flagshjip for the Australia to New Zealand route than to name a plane after all those New Zealanders who have made such a favourable impact to Australian culture that we call them our own.





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