Crap Fantales presents…Forgotten Products + Shops – Does it still exist?

Time for an all new Crap Fantales, & instead of asking the question Are They Dead? We ask the question about if certain retail things are still around

crap fantles retail

The Gurgler’s Crap Fantales returns with a new series of Forgotten Products + Shop in a Retail special where we ask if these things still exist.

We pride ourselves on celebrating the forgotten and forgettable, and that is the backbone of Crap Fantales. These things aren’t necessarily crap, just that they would make a crap Fantale if compared to the world’s megastars whose biographies adorn the real lolly wrapper.

If you would like to know more about Crap Fantales, the history and our scoring system, head to our dedicated Crap Fantale page.

After our previous editions of Crap Fantales asking our Are They Dead? segment, we thought we’d take a trip down the supermarket aisle or local shopping centre to see if certain products and shops still existed, and reminiscence about some long forgotten retail. Although we wish the Shopping Centre was the greatest Crap Fantale of all time Space City Shopping Centre

Look for the list below with some useful links to set your mind to back in the day mode.

It also includes our all new way of measuring Crap Fantales across 5 categories. We have an explanation below for those who want to know about how an ultimate Crap Fantale is decided.


Brightness (1-10):
Level of fame achieved amongst general population.

Shine (1-5):
The real standouts of niche categories/sports that are the heart of CF. A measure that allows for the obscure heroes we treasure.

Slide (1-7):
Rate of decline into obscurity.

Cloak (1-10):
Level of obscurity achieved. 1 – A Name that most still recognise to 10 most people have to assume they are dead.

Berg (1-10):
Ease of recall, and depth of knowledge.








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