Pete Evans Jerk of the Month Winner for March 2017

jarryd hayne jerk

The second monthly poll has now been closed and the Gurgler readers have awarded Pete Evans Jerk of the Month for March 2017.

Whether it is people who can’t stand the talk of paleo, his performances on Cook then Cry, I mean MKR, or that Sunday Night interview tipped them over the edge, it doesn’t matter. The people have spoken, and they say – Pete Evans Jerk.

The celebrity TV chef joins elite com,pany, as he becomes the second winner since we introduced the Jerk of the Month awards for 2017. The only other winner is the Twitter master Donald Trump.

Reality TV seemed to be a bit of a theme for March as the entire cast and crew of Married at First Sight came in second, equal with the NRL, who were nominated for the shameful Marvel Heroes round, and not bringing back the Bears.

Possibly slightly unfair was the extra salt rub for ousted Tigers coach Jason Taylor, and certainly deserving was Cyclone Debbie.

The full results are below. We thank all for their votes. Remember it is your poll. Let the Jerks of the world get a spoonful of comeuppance.

Nominations are now open for anyone to suggest anyone or thing for the Jerk of the Month short list for April 2017. We’ll list all of those nomination in the last week of April when voting will open again.

Contact us at to nominate your Jerk.

For now, we salute Pete Evans Jerk of the Month for March 2017. Cook on sir.




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