EPL Matchday 30 Predictions – Gurgler v House Prices

After yet another annoying International break, where a bunch of mostly meaningless friendlies and qualifiers were played, we welcome back the EPL, and UK Daylight savings giving us an hour back of our lives, and our EPL Matchday 30 Predictions.

Well, most of the qualifiers were meaningless, certainly not the ones involving Australia and in South America.

Not meaningless is the first game of the weekend between Liverpool rivals Everton and Liverpool. This is one derby that rarely fails to live up to the hype, unlike Liverpool’s games with Manchester United and others. 9:30pm kick off in Brisbane? Beautiful. Better still it is the TV game on SBS this weekend too. Boxes ticked left, right and centre.

Southampton v Bournemouth is not a bad game either between near neighbours.

What’s even better is that there’s a whole midweek fixture list to come on Wednesday morning as well. Making up for lost time we say.

Talk about lost time, and/or wasting time, here’s EPL Matchday 30 Predictions.

This time our ridiculous tipping opponent is tips based on the average house prices in the area near the stadium. Since we did value of the postcode last time, it is obvious the next thing to do is use that postcode to check the average house price.

How does it work? Thanks for asking. The higher the average price, the tips goes to that team. Simples. The price is based on the latest data available for Nov 2016 from the website http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices-in-my-area.html.

So below are our EPL Matchday 30 Predictions and those based on the average house price. Who will be richer at the end of the round. Probably not us.

The Gurgler’s EPL Matchday 30 Predictions

EVERTON to beat Liverpool
CHELSEA to beat Crystal Palace
LEICESTER to beat Stoke
DRAW – Manchester United v WBA
SUNDERLAND to beat Watford
HULL to beat West Ham
SOUTHAMPTON to beat Bournemouth
SWANSEA to beat Middlesbrough
MANCHESTER CITY to beat Arsenal

EPL Matchday 30 Predictions from House Values

Read our how to guide above for the math. And homework. Bigger number the better.

DRAW – Everton v Liverpool 
Chelsea  to beat Crystal Palace
Leicester to beat Stoke
Man Utd  to beat WBA

Watford to beat Sunderland
Spurs to beat Burnley
West Ham to beat Hull
Southampton to beat Bournemouth

Middlesbrough to beat Swansea

Arsenal to beat Manchester City


Currently we are better than our opponents, only just. We got to the magical 50% correct mark last weekend, great for us.


Total – 129 / 260 (only started Match Day 6 – includes FA Cup Rd 3)
Average – 4.9 / 10

Best: 8/10 (1) – Worst 2/10 (1) – Last Time – 6/10


Total – 110 / 260
Average – 4.2 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10

Scrabble – 5/10

Alphabetical Order – 4/10

Colour of Kits – 5/10

Brexit Voting – 3/10

Person in City/Town per Points – 7/10

Team Nicknames – 4/10

British Train Stations – 6/10

Team Abbreviations – Results Pending – 3 / 10

Famous Faces – 6/10

Last 6 Form (for FA Cup) – 16/32

The Sack Race – 5 / 10

Hours of UK Sunshine – 4/10

FA Cup Form – 3/10

Vowels – 0/10

Excel – 6 / 10

Crime – 1 / 8

Yellow Cards – 6 / 10

Postcodes – 3 / 10


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