Mother Puts Vodka in Lunchbox – Other “Sometimes” Lunch Items Selections

So a Mother Puts Vodka in Lunchbox, big deal. People should grow up. And if they don't, we have some for "sometimes foods" you can use.

The news story Mother Puts Vodka in Lunchbox has recently done the rounds, making it to the ultimate in Australian news reporting –

The story was posted there recently, and they must have been shy of material with the end of Married At First Sight and I’m A Celebrity, or that they could only produce three Donald Trump articles in the one day. being the new home of Donald Trump news in Australia.

You can find the whole story here about how the mother puts Vodka in Lunchbox, and normally it could be filed under shit happens or slightly amusing news.

But parenting is hard, and many rush to really get on the back of a parent for every mistake. Those naysayers either don’t have any involvement with children, are lying to themselves or others about how wonderful their parenting is.

Let’s be fair to the parent in question, it’s not as if it happened every day. Vodka is a sometimes food, and who knows when the Mother puts Vodka in Lunchbox that they weren’t rewarding some earlier great behaviour.

But with modern day parenting involving every man and his horse giving advice on what to do, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon to help out those who aren’t quite sure what “sometimes foods” they could add to their child’s lunchbox.

Below are some suggestions from our writing team about

For those without a sense of humour, the following are suggested at an attempt to be funny. Whilst they may not be funny, we are also not serious about adding some or all of the following products to any child’s lunchbox.





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