Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March

Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March

Time for a our wrap up of the Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March.

You’d think we’d be getting sick of it by now, but the opposite applies, Roy and HG are getting better each week.

We are big fans here at The Gurgler. Some would say we are a poor, poor man’s version of them, we say fair enough.

But we are hoping those who have missed their best will catch up with our favourite bits and pieces below. We’ll only give a taste though, the best podcast on Australian radio awaits.

You may ask why we bother, and it is a good question.

We love Roy and HG and want to get reacquainted if the only thing you can remember them doing is the battered sav from the 2000 Olympics.

Want to find out the whole story from the gents themselves, check in with their Triple M site.

Onto the best bits, and things that made us laugh most.

  • Virat Kohli as a Captain – Lacklustre? He’s plenty of things but not Lacklustre.
  • Rugby League players – “If you poo your pants, don’t tell anyone. Hide them. Burn them.”
  • Dalai Lama’s knowledge of Cricket is less than zero.
  • Once a sportsman starts thinking you’re lost.
  • Can Virat Kohli spell sorry. And was Cricket Aust CEO James Sutherland having a go at Indian schools.
  • Ex Sportspeople top replace Chaplains at every school. Featuring: Willie Mason, Dalai Lama and Winx.
  • An elegant solution to what to do with the West Coast Eagles 2006 Premiership after the drug use came out is to all agree there was no AFL competition in 2006.
  • Is the biggest winner of the winding back of 18C Dane Swan.
  • If the DNF Maestro Mark Webber think Dan Ricciardo can win this year’s championship, what planet is he on?


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