Jerk of the Month March 2017 Nominations

Jerk of the Month March 2017

Time for the Jerk of the Month March 2017 Nominations.

Those who follow our website will recall that this is our second monthly nomination, as the amount of Jerkdom in the world just can’t wait for the end of year poll.

Last month’s Jerk of the Month was won by Donald Trump for the record. To little surprise.

This month we have an even bigger list of potential Jerk of the Month March 2017 to choose from, some have been decided by our readers by getting in touch via, some are decided by our writing team, and others simply pick themselves. Every month.

It is now time to vote for this month’s winner, so head to the poll at the bottom of this article or elsewhere around our website.

We have options to vote for more than one person, so vote early. Vote often.


Nick Kyrgios

For getting to the edge of a huge result by beating big name Tennis stars, and disappointing us with a withdrawal.

Sure it wasn’t his fault, but after being such a Jerk throughout the past few year, it’s hard to believe that a lesser Jerk maybe wouldn’t have had a go.


Bernard Tomic

Same as Nick above, but with even less heart and ability.



The Rugby League governing body is nominated for Jerk of the Month March 2017 for not getting involved enough in getting North Sydney Bears back in the comp as new owners of the Titans, a move that most rugby league neutrals and anyone not from the Gold Coast would like to see.

But mostly for Marvel Heroes Week. A shitty idea that highlights how crappy the NRL is.


Jason Taylor

The dumped Wests Tigers coach get salt into wounds with a Jerk of the Month March 2017 Nomination.

Maybe if he wasn’t such a jerk, he would have lasted longer at the Tigers.

With our Jerk of the Month poll, he might still win something this year.


Robbie Farah

Once again was a vote of the people.

Regular reader Frankington Stanley insisted Farah be up for nomination again.

If you wish to add your nomination each month, get in touch via our email at


Donald Trump

A standing invitation to Jerk of the Month it seems in 2017.

This time it is for blaming everyone else about failing to get rid of Obamacare. And running a major country from behind a phone.


Anyone involved in Married At First Sight

Following Trump, like so may times on the news, website of late.

Is it any wonder these people need TV, and complete strangers to land a significant other? Awful people, awful show.

Jerks the lot of them.


Pete Evans

Been a lot time coming, but well deserving of a Jerk of the Month nomination. If not for his general Pete Evans self on the crying then cooking soap-drama series that is MKR or painfully self absorbed glossy interviews, then for his interviews like the one on TV recently.

He is the cyclist of the kitchen, and therefore plenty unlikeable. Like a cyclist should be given 1 metre space at all times.

If he wins the Jerk of the Month March 2017 award, we’ll ensure it will be a healthy trophy. 


James Murray, CEO of Corporate Office Supplies

Maybe we’re hard on young, jet-setting CEOs who have done well for themsleves and need to let everyone know via social media.

Or maybe he deserves a March 2017 Jerk of the Month nomination for being a head of a company which cold called a farming family 1700 years worth of printer ink.

Make money, fine. Congrats. But don’t be a jerk about it.

Cyclone Debbie

Not yet crossed the coast, but surely will be a jerk to many in north Queensland.



Time for you to now vote on who you think is the month’s biggest Jerk.

Voting closes on March 31 at 11:23pm.


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