Is the 2017 NRL Marvel Heroes Week the Worst Theme Round ever?

There's plenty of new NRL Jerseys to fought over this weekend as the NRL Marvel Heroes Week kicks off. It's a shit idea and we'll explain why.

NRL Marvel Heroes Week

Round 4 of the NRL doubles as NRL Marvel Heroes Week, and we wonder if it is the worst theme round in sport.

Rugby League has some good theme rounds, but they seem to be inevitably more about selling a new design jersey than anything else. But at least with Anzac Round, Heritage Round, Men in League Round and Women in League there is more to commemorate or celebrate than just a new jersey to get fans to buy.

Not with the NRL Marvel Heroes Week, it is pure commercialism. And lame.

And it is not even if the jersey are that great anyway, as shown in an article about the launch of the NRL Marvel Heroes Week kits.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that commercial interests are running the show, it is why Broncos play either Thursday or Friday night, and the Sunday afternoon game is mostly in Sydney between two Sydney teams.

But the 2017 NRL Marvel Heroes Week is so blatant. It is only a special round for those teams who have ISC as their jersey manufacturer. Despite the fact that there are plenty of teams with ISC, it seems a pretty stupid idea to only involve a certain amount of teams.

Tigers fan and friend of The Gurgler – Frankington Stanley agrees and got in touch via our email of

“How a jersey manufacturer has so much control over the NRL, and has a special “week” to flog special “jerseys” that nobody gives a crap about.

I mean, the Tigers – who the F is “Rocket Raccoon??”


So since the 2017 NRL Marvel Heroes Week is a shit idea, we thought we try and see how bad an idea we can come up with as an alternative or addition for the future sales of NRL Jerseys, sorry I mean, NRL Theme rounds.

And it’s about time we did something a little bit stupid.



 Imagine the Newcastle Knights running out in the limited edition Demolition Man jerseys whilst the Dragons sport the Speed kit – the big Red V could be turned into the speedometer and keeping just above 50mph like in the movie. And who wouldn’t be excited to see the Melbourne Storm’s limited edition Tango & Cash jersey, with Melbourne players being able to choose whether they want to be Tango or Cash. And nothing would be better than seeing any team playing in Rambo style singlets or Running Man one piecers like Arnie.

Unlike NRL Marvel Heroes Week, all teams would be forced to participate, no matter the jersey manufacturer.




Teams with jerseys designs inspired by ABC Kids shows like some of the below.

Sarah and Duck, Play School, Sesame Street, Shaun the Sheep.

Humphrey B Bear – would be very funny with a vest and straw hat. Even funnier would be if it were complete with lack of pants.



Leaving movies and TV behind, why not have outfits based on the various teams’ mascots. What a fun spectacle.

Newcastle in full armour – complete with swords v the Cowboys, dressed as Cowboys using a whip. 

Broncos would be a strange one, but could possibly be covered by a Pantomime Horse costume.

Some teams may not look too fearsome as a Rabbit themed outfit wouldn’t look too mean, even on a Burgess. Although it would be nice if the Rabbit costume would help the younger Burgess twins hang onto the ball.

Give us some entertainment!



Since NRL Marvel Heroes Week isn’t really about bringing awareness or celebrating anything, why not have jerseys to remind NRL clubs of their worst off season incident from recent years.

Sharks can have piss down the front in honour of a little bubbler courtesy of ex Sharks Todd Carney.

Roosters and Raiders can have a dog on the front.

GC can have heaps of white powder, and also traces of it into the design of the jersey.

Broncos can have a public toilet after a scandal in a nightclub not long ago.

Storm can have Inglis’ boat that he got during the Salary Cap rorting.

Tigers can have shorts with a target right on the bumhole in honour of John Hopoate’s finest hour.

The Bulldogs can have a panorama of Coffs Harbour.

There’s more to be “honoured” too.



After a big game last weekend, where he scored two great tries, we say why not honour the PNG International and Hunter with an entire round devoted to the man.

Teams and crowd alike will be given plenty of Willie Minoga masks to wear and the players will wear special edition jersey with his face and best moments of the last 3 years.

We are big fans of Willie Minoga unless you can’t tell.



That’s all we could think of for the time being. Feel free to suggest more via contact@the

Despite how absurd ours are, it is still better than the NRL Marvel Heroes Week.

Sometimes the NRL really sucks.



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