Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 18th March

We highlight our favourite bits and pieces from Roy and HG Sporting Probe 18th March so you don't miss out on some of the gold. Download now.

Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March

Time for a our wrap up of the Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 18th March.

For those who aren’t in the know or forgot about Roy and HG’s return to Triple M, they have now been back for a while now, and it’s been all gold.

We are big fans here at The Gurgler. Some would say we are a poor, poor man’s version of them, we say Up Yours. But they may be right, we may be crazy. It just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.

But we are hoping those who have missed their best will catch up with our favourite bits and pieces below. We’ll only give a taste though, the best podcast on Australian radio awaits.

You may ask why we bother, good question. We love Roy and HG and want to give a summary on the best bits just to save the people time who don’t want to listen to how greyhounds can be the betting avenue of the future. Not forgetting that Roy and HG’s best work is in these type of shows, and that you need to get reacquainted if the only thing you can remember them doing is the battered sav from the 2000 Olympics.

Want to find out the whole story from the gents themselves, check in with their Triple M site.

Onto the best bits, and things that made us laugh most.

  • Some of Jarryd Hayne’s Future Dreams: Squash, French Rugby, Actor on Home and Away, Commercial Pilot
  • Gold Coast to become the permanent home of the Commonwealth Games
  • And does the Commonwealth Games concept still talk to kids
  • Why a Twilight AFL Grand Final would make Meatloaf look better but not sounds better. Whether Adele could be tempted in singing in the twilight St Kilda fixture coming up.
  • Eagle Farm would have been perfect for recent Adele concerts.
  • Why can’t you get a bet on when Bernard “The Tank” Tomic tanks in a game.
  • Andrew Fifita – the most hated man in the world.
  • Why do Roy and HG call Bob Fulton Bozo? Because he’s a clown.
  • Don’t the Chinese love Winx?
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