2017 F1 Season Preview – Our Thoughts on the Season Ahead

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The 2017 F1 Season Preview is here, as we await a new F season that has new rules, new owners, new cars, big fat new tyres, and no reigning World Champion.

All the new stuff hopefully means a far more interesting 2017 than most of the previous seasons dominated by Mercedes for neutrals, Dan Ricciardo fans, and those who’d like a little less Hamilton.

On the face of it, the 2017 F1 season looks more promising, especially if Testing proves true and there is a genuine second front runner in Ferrari. Then there’s the promise of Red Bull with new regulations, although no one thinks they’ll be fast straight away.

There’s also new drivers, plenty of driver changes, and for the first time in four decades and more Formula One will be a Bernie free zone. With new US owners talking the talk about changing F1 for the better, let’s hope they do turn it slightly more Nascar than Polo than current.

We’ve already supplied 5 Hopes for the 2017 F1 Season through the Fox Sports Academy which goes into a little more detail, so due to laziness we encourage you read more of our stuff there. It will also boost the numbers which is always great.

Find our 5 Hopes for the 2017 F1 Season here.



There is a little more to wager on this and slightly more value, but those with a quick eye for value have already taken the better odds for Ferrari pre Testing success.

Anyways, here’s the highlights of the betting on the 2017 F1 Season.


Hamilton $2.00
Vettel $5.00
Bottas $6.00
Ricciardo $8.00
Verstappen $8.00
Raikkonen $10.00


Mercedes $1.40
Ferrari $4.50
Red Bull $5.50
Street Money $151+

HEAD TO HEAD BETTING (More Points over season)

Hamilton $1.25 v Bottas $3.75
Red Bull Drivers – $1.88 each
Vettel $1.55 v Raikkonen $3.10
Bottas $1.50 Verstappen $2.10


Below in our Team by Team review we have attempted to pick the finishing order in the Constructors, Wins for the Season and Total Points. So here we will have a wild guess at what else could happen in the 2017 F1 Season.

  • Fernando Alonso will walk away from McLaren before the end of the season.
  • There will be two new US races announced in 2017 and race weekends decreased to two days for 2018
  • Force India will be sold
  • Haas will leave at the end of the season
  • Lewis Hamilton’s album will not be met with Critical Acclaim outside of Twitter followers


We have our team by team preview below.

Because we are tight arses we couldn’t afford proper F1 car images. So we’ve used free stock images and come up with a reason to use that towards each teams upcoming 2017 F1 season.


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