EPL Matchday 29 Predictions – Gurgler v Postcodes

Here's The Gurgler's EPL Matchday 29 Predictions. This week our tips take on the postcodes of all the EPL sides this season.

EPL Matchday 24 Predictions

After all the excitement of the FA Cup quarter finals it is time for our EPL Matchday 29 Predictions, as we tell ourselves that a thousand people await our expert opinion. Around a thousandth of that is closer to the mark.

The FA Cup gave Arsenal another reason to feel good about themselves after bashing a second consecutive Non League side in the FA Cup after big losses to Bayern Munich. Good on them. 4th place is ready. If they’re lucky.

The race for the Top 4 out of the Top 6 looks quality, and will hopefully make up for the lack of a title race.

Some big questions arise heading into the weekend.

Last time we asked whether Ranieri was really the problem at Leicester? I guess the short answer is yes after their recent form. We are not surprised though at Leicester’s qualification for the Champions League Quarter Finals, we predicted they would be the highest UK side in the Champions League in August in our half arsed preview. Clever us. Time to check which betting company we put that bet on with now.

Other questions are whether Liverpool can continue their great form against the big sides when they take on Manchester City, fresh from another disappointing exit in Europe. Whether Stoke on Saturday afternoon is harder than a Tuesday night for Chelsea, and which teams are completely safe from the drop. You could argue Burnley and below still are not.

Onto the EPL Matchday 29 Predictions, and after proving that playing clean and tipping based on fewer Yellow cards is better than our tips, we’ll be hoping for redemption against this week’s ridiculous opponent.

This week our search for different tipping opponents continues, and we’ve sat on this one for two weeks, as last week’s half arsed round wasn’t worth the imagination spent on this week’s tips.

Our EPL Matchday 29 predictions are based on postcodes this week.

UK address have very unique and cool postcodes, and since we like them so much, we thought why not use them to pick some winners.

How does it work? Thanks for asking.

We take the postcode, using both letters and numbers and assign a value for each and add them together. For letters we assign 1 -26 depending on alphabetical order, and numbers get a number. The postcode is the stadium location postcode. The higher the total, the better, and the tips is theirs. E.g. West Brom’s ground is The Hawthorns, its postcode is B71 4LF = 2+7+1+4+12+6 = 32. Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is worth 43 points under the same method so it gets the tip. And so on.

The Gurgler’s EPL Matchday 29 Predictions

MANCHESTER UNITED to beat Bournemouth
LEICESTER to beat Hull
DRAW – Stoke v Middlesbrough
SWANSEA to beat Burnley
DRAW – Watford v Southampton
DRAW – WBA v Crystal Palace
DRAW – Liverpool v Arsenal
DRAW – Spurs v Everton
SUNDERLAND to beat Manchester City
CHELSEA to beat West Ham

EPL Matchday 27 Predictions from Postcodes

Read our how to guide above for the math. And homework. Bigger number the better.

ARSENAL N51BU (43) to beat WEST BROM B71 4LF (32)
CRYSTAL PALACE SE25 6PU (74) to beat WATFORD WD18 0ER (59)
HULL HU3 6HU (67) to beat EVERTON L4 4EH (33)
CHELSEA SW6 1HS (76) to beat STOKE ST4 4EG (59)
SUNDERLAND SR1 1RF (63) to beat BURNLEY BB10 4BY (36)
WEST HAM E20 2ST (48) to beat LEICESTER LE2 7FL (44)
BOURNEMOUTH BH7 7AF (31) to beat SWANSEA SA1 2FA (30)
SOUTHAMPTON SO14 SFP (66) to beat SPURS N17 0AP (39)


Currently we are better than our opponents, only just. We got to the magical 50% correct mark last weekend, great for us.


Total – 123 / 250 (only started Match Day 6 – includes FA Cup Rd 3)
Average – 4.9 / 10

Best: 8/10 (1) – Worst 2/10 (1) – Last Time – 3/10


Total – 107 / 250
Average – 4.3 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10

Scrabble – 5/10

Alphabetical Order – 4/10

Colour of Kits – 5/10

Brexit Voting – 3/10

Person in City/Town per Points – 7/10

Team Nicknames – 4/10

British Train Stations – 6/10

Team Abbreviations – Results Pending – 3 / 10

Famous Faces – 6/10

Last 6 Form (for FA Cup) – 16/32

The Sack Race – 5 / 10

Hours of UK Sunshine – 4/10

FA Cup Form – 3/10

Vowels – 0/10

Excel – 6 / 10

Crime – 1 / 8

Yellow Cards – 6 / 10

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