New Supporter Sections for Australian Sport

Following a MLS Side introducing a safe area for fans to use Flares, we investigate what other areas could be opened up for Australian Sporting fans.

2017 sporting review

During our daily foraging for sporting stories we found this bit on new Supporter Sections for US Major League Soccer club Orlando City.

Have the Australian Football bosses got it wrong? Have we become a sporting nanny state? If a US Major League Soccer club can see it’s way to having a specialised flares zone, why wouldn’t the A League allow it for their most passionate fans.
It also begs the question, could there be other special sections to offer similar football fans with a dangerous passion.
Why can’t Australia have new supporter sections to accommodate those who want just a little more out of their sporting event.
Why should the fact that it could danger others stop those genuine football fans getting the maximum out of the A League games? Or the W League. Or the Matador Cup. They’ve already done it at most grounds with licensed and unlicensed areas.
So do we have any more suggestions for a new supporter sections for Australian grounds to match the flare friendly area of the Orlando City MLS side? You know we do.

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