EPL Matchday 27 Predictions – Gurgler v Yellow Cards

Here's The Gurgler's EPL Matchday 27 Predictions. This week our tips take on the number of yellow cards awarded against EPL sides this season.

EPL Matchday 24 Predictions

Time for our EPL Matchday 27 Predictions, as we tell ourselves that thousands await our expert opinion.

It is easy with the rugby league kicking off this weekend to forget that the EPL Matchday 27 is on, but it sure is and we think we have all the winners.

Some big questions arise heading into the weekend.

Was Ranieri really the problem at Leicester? Will this be Arsene Wegner’s last match v Liverpool? Why did anyone doubt that Zlatan wouldn’t be as good on the field as he says he is off it? Who doesn’t enjoy a person who speaks in the third person. Is Stoke the Ipswich Town of the EPL. Can anyone catch Chelsea?

The answers to those questions are Probably, Yes, Fools, Fools, Yes, No.

Onto the EPL Matchday 27 Predictions, and after proving that crime doesn’t pay last weekend as we smashed our tipping opponent 5/8 vs 1/8, we intend to have the same result against this week’s ridiculous opponent.

This week our search for different tipping opponents continues, and by EPL Matchday 27 it is getting very hard to think of new and interesting methods of prediction winner of the EPL. We have decided to put our tips up against the number of Yellow Cards shown to various EPL sides.

The fewer the Yellow Cards the better the team plays and the more likely they are to win. Nice in theory, and that is the exact theory we will use to determine our guest tips for this weekend.

The Gurgler’s EPL Matchday 27 Predictions

MANCHESTER UNITED to beat Bournemouth
LEICESTER to beat Hull
DRAW – Stoke v Middlesbrough
SWANSEA to beat Burnley
DRAW – Watford v Southampton
DRAW – WBA v Crystal Palace
DRAW – Liverpool v Arsenal
DRAW – Spurs v Everton
SUNDERLAND to beat Manchester City
CHELSEA to beat West Ham

EPL Matchday 27 Predictions from Yellow Cards

The fewer the better and the tem who gets the tip. 2016-17 Yellow Cards in Brackets.

BOURNEMOUTH (37) to beat Manchester United (53)
HULL (41) to beat Leicester City (49)
STOKE (48) to beat Middlesbrough (52)
SWANSEA (42) to beat Burnley (46)
SOUTHAMPTON (36 – Least) to beat Watford (64 – Most)
WBA (54) to beat Crystal Palace (60)
LIVERPOOL (40) to beat Arsenal (42)
EVERTON (46) to beat Spurs (49)
MANCHESTER CITY (52) to beat Sunderland (54)
CHELSEA (50) to beat West Ham (57)


Currently we are better than our opponents, only just. We got to the magical 50% correct mark last weekend, great for us.


Total – 120 / 240 (only started Match Day 6 – includes FA Cup Rd 3)
Average – 5.0 / 10

Best: 8/10 (1) – Worst 2/10 (1) – Last Time – 5/8


Total – 101 / 240
Average – 4.2 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10

Scrabble – 5/10

Alphabetical Order – 4/10

Colour of Kits – 5/10

Brexit Voting – 3/10

Person in City/Town per Points – 7/10

Team Nicknames – 4/10

British Train Stations – 6/10

Team Abbreviations – Results Pending – 3 / 10

Famous Faces – 6/10

Last 6 Form (for FA Cup) – 16/32

The Sack Race – 5 / 10

Hours of UK Sunshine – 4/10

FA Cup Form – 3/10

Vowels – 0/10

Excel – 6 / 10

Crime – 1 / 8


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