Hunters & Collectors asked to change name – Pffft – Who’s Next?

Australian band Hunters and Collectors have been asked to change their name by PETA. But are they only ones who should be asked? We explore who else.

hunters & collectors

Animal activist group PETA have asked Australian rock group Hunters & Collectors to change the name of their group according to a story.

Whilst PETA should be commended for some of their work, asking a band to change its name is a long bow, and one that we hope won’t be obeyed.

And don’t call it a “band namelift”. That’s a even more stupid name for a stupid request. Did someone who couldn’t complete a Bachelor of Arts come up with that one?

Although your suggestions of renaming Hunters & Collectors to Hunters and Collectors of Antiques or Hunters & Collectors of Beer Cans or Hunters & Collectors of Vinyl Records.

Unless the people who like to kill these animals have When The River Runs Dry blaring every time they take a shot, then it is hardly their fault.

But maybe we’re being hard on PETA. Maybe it is musicians and bands after all that are ruining the world. Right Said Fred destroyed the fashion industry for years. And was Flock of Seagulls keeping WMDs for years? Who knows?

So just in case these musical types are the real reason for society’s woes, we think it is time to ask another lot of musicians to consider changing their name, and beg that they or somebody thinks of the children.



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