Donald Trump Jerk of the Month February 2017

Our first monthly Jerk poll has been completed and it is Donald Trump Jerk of the Month for February 2017. Will he win the annual award, stay tuned in 2017.

jarryd hayne jerk

Donald Trump has won a lot of important things lately, none more important than becoming Donald Trump Jerk of the Moth for February 2017 according to Gurgler readers.

He has his followers, but he also has his detractors, and enough of The Gurgler readership dislike him enough to give dub him Donald Trump Jerk of the month for February 2017.

Probably not enough readers for us to pop up on his radar, but we congratulate him all the same.

He beat a tough field too. Any Jerk poll with Nick Kyrgios means you have to be right on your Jerk game to beat him. Bernard Tomic too, as the Tennis Jerk twins are usually inseparable. And insufferable.

The Social Media somebody who yelled at the Taxi Driver and other Tennis Jerk who smashed a ball into the umpire all polled well too. But may be one month wonders.

You get the feeling that some of our nominations from February will be back throughout the year. Maybe even next month. In fact, more than likely next month. Stay tuned when we unveil our Jerk of the Month nominations for March come out on March 24.

Here are the all important results from February.

We salute Donald Trump Jerk of the Month for February 2017.

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