Big is Beautiful – The Best of the Big Sports People

We love a sports person with personality, and big sports people are usually amongst the most likeable. We've decided to celebrate our 6 favourites.

big sports people

Most professional athletes these days are obsessed with their fitness and image, so it was refreshing to read a story about big sports people today, and one in particular – West Indian cricketer Rahkeem Cornwall.

The News Ltd article explains how the huge 200cm, 140kg giant had a real go at England’s bowlers in a recent tour game.

Big sports people are amongst the most loved across all sports. Whilst people begrudgingly accept greatness in a player like Ronaldo at Real Madrid, he isn’t very likeable, but big sports people don’t need to achieve the near the same greatness to get three times the love.

Whether Rahkeem Cornwall is just a flash in the pan and we never hear from him again is a chance, but we hope he can break into the West Indian proper side, because lord knows they need some impact and personality.

He won’t be forgotten though, as we document and celebrate the best of the Big Sports People of all time.

We could have added the Pie Eating Goalie from Sutton Utd, but we have enough quality for now and he’s had his time in the sun. Or The Sun paper.


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