Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th February

Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March

Welcome to the Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th February.

For those who aren’t in the know or forgot about Roy and HG’s return to Triple M, they have now been back for a while now, and it’s been all gold.

We are big fans here at The Gurgler. Some would say we are a poor, poor man’s version of them, we say Up Yours. But they may be right, we may be crazy.

But we are hoping those who have missed their best will catch up with our favourite bits and pieces below. We’ll only give a taste though, the best podcast on Australian radio awaits.

You may ask why we bother, good question. We love Roy and HG and want to give a summary on the best bits just to save the people time who don’t want to listen to how Bikies are spreading the AFL-NRL message to Shanghai.

Want to find out the whole story from the gents themselves, check in with their Triple M site.

  • Roy and his whole family have been Imps (FA Cup Heroes Lincoln City) their whole lives.
  • Adelaide 36ers cheerleaders are no longer family friendly.
  • The bounce is the only reason some attend an AFL match.
  • Retired umpires are unable to wipe their own arse or have to open doors with their mouth now because of the ball up.
  • The Post Office is the best place to catch up on what Andre Rieu is doing.
  • Delta Goodrem to join a committee to inspect cricket pitches, and groundsmen to be eligible for Man of the Match awards.
  • One Ball Golf. All 72 players tee off at once and NTP wins. Great idea but we prefer our idea for short form golf.
  • Port Power to take on the Shanghai Demons/Spratleys on an island in the South Chine Sea.
  • A heritage boxing bout for Mundine v Green 2* – featuring Jeff Fenech v Aussie Joe Bugner.
  • A joint AFL/NRL Hogs for Homeless Tour of China and go to Tibet border and kick balls at them.

There’s more gold, so why not get onto the podcast.

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