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new fox league channel

There is much anticipation for the all new Fox League Channel to kick off on Monday giving rugby league fans the 24 / 7 coverage they have been asking for.

Although, Fox Sports already covered what rugby league fans really wanted last season by covering all games live, meaning Channel Nein was only required for State of Origin and the Grand Final. And believe us, that was bad enough.

This year the new Fox League Channel will take that level of dedication to rugby league fans to a new level.

They have promised much and the above link outlines what they will provide this year.

No this isn’t a paid article masquerading as an ad, we just love league and am rejoicing at a 24/7 coverage.


The New Fox League Channel Promises

Matty Johns v The Footy Show – one boasts about winning Logies and one is shit. Matty Johns show isn’t either. But not much better.

A floating 10m line to show offside – finally we don’t have to rely on a grumpy home crowd for offside advice.

More new magazine style shows including a Queensland only show – taking us back to the days when Brisbane had it’s own footy show, featuring Peter Jackson, and Tony Durkin.

Michael Ennis and Corey Parker as fresh new faces and loads of experience and thus far decent insight.

Sure you pay for it, but what price to have too much league, which we all know is barely enough.


Channel Nein by contrast are offering the following for this new season.

Continuing to prioritise Sydney clubs for Sunday afternoon football (who doesn’t love their Sunday arvo footy) and Broncos live games.

Showing Canberra outside of Origin affected bye rounds.

Letting Yvonne Sampson go to Fox Sports, allowing the Gus and Rabs bickering to continue, and keeping the same tired line up.

The Footy Show. Although don’t put down the Footy Show as it wins Logies all the time.


What could the new Fox League Channel could also add

But don’t Fox Sports fool you about their All New Fox League Channel. It could be better. And we’re suggesting some new broadcast features they should look into.

Don’t Slow-Mo the Moment when Knees go Bust.

Knee or Ankle Injuries aren’t great to watch, and call us weird, but we don’t want to see the exact moment whne a footballer’s career goes as badly in one direction as their joint does in the other.

Somehow remove the Trainers

Since the NRL won’t do anything to get rid of the fluorescent clad annoyances, how about the new Fox League channel somehow removing them from the broadcast. Surely they have the technology to fuzz them out, or whatever the official technical term is.

If a referee makes on field decision, show a maximum of two real time replays

If the NRL wants referees to stop sending everything upstairs and allow referees to make a snap judgement, the broadcasters should back them by not showing 1000 replays in slow motion. No wonder they don’t bother if they know their decision will be analysed to death.

Bring back the Red Button to follow a player – not just the Hayne Plane

Back in the day Fox Sports used to have a Red Button to follow a certain player around. It was great to watch a master at work for something different. It did return for Jarryd Hayne’s return, although 20 minutes of that was him sitting on the bench. So why not pick a player a match give the option of following them, not just a one off for Hayne.

Bring back the alternative audio

Although not the greatest problem due to the high quality of the commentary, with the possible exception of Braith Anasta, it is great to have choice. Between listening to the referee’s feed, just the crowd and background noise or why not hook up a coach or two. On a few seconds delay of course. Or why not have two excitable fans in the commentary box giving to each other as each team takes control. Come to think of it, pretty sure Fox Sports used to do all this, so do it now.

Don’t use the Spider Cam – it’s crap

Technology for technology’s sake is rubbish. Spider Cam adds next to nothing. Much like the Channel that brings it to you.


If we don’t get any of the above we don’t care. A 24/7 League Channel and less reliance on Channel Nein is still great news for a rugby league fans for 2017 and beyond.






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