Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues

Could Sydney steal the Australian GP from Melbourne. We think so and look at other potential alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix venues.

Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues

With Formula One getting some shiny new owners who promise 20 Superbowls in the world’s greatest cities, it was only a matter of time before some alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues were floated.

Of course Sydney was the first one suggested, the city being Australia’s biggest and with two of the country’s biggest known tourist pieces it was always going to happen.

Melbourne can’t complain. They unceremoniously stole it off Adelaide for 1996. So what goes around comes around for Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues.

But where in Sydney. And why should it be Sydney. And if not, where else could it be?

All those questions and more (and less) will be answered despite the lack of popular demand.


Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Sydney

Best place to start is the biggest city with the biggest chance of stealing the race away from Melbourne.

But to make the race in Sydney work it would have to be a street race that takes in the focal points that people would demand. Thankfully our track design would get glimpses of the Opera House and plenty of the Harbour and its Bridge.

It would be extremely unpopular with locals, and awfully expensive, but it could be the southern hemisphere Monaco. Or that’s what you would tell them.

The design would take in a large chunk of Hickson Road both sides of the bridge. Either end of Hickson Road would be connected from Napoleon/Margaret Street to George Street. In between it would zigzag through York, Land, Harrington, Essex then George.

Sydney Harbour Bridge would feature heavily, and the Opera House would surely be in the background with strategic camera work.

Ambitious? Of course. But that is the new F1 owners thoughts on the future.

Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues












Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Adelaide

Everyone liked Adelaide, and it was a very popular venue and track.

Since the people are already used to interruption with the V8’s, why not add another date to the city calendar.

Given Adelaide’s ambition to get the big events, like seen previously with Mundine v Green 2, they might throw a wad of cash to get the Australian GP back, and point their bare arse cheeks eastward to the city of Melbourne.


Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Gold Coast

Aside from a big bridge and Opera House, many people would associate the sand and surf with Australia, and where better than the Gold Coast.

On the back of the high from hosting the all important Commonwealth Games, the GC could put their hand up for the Australian Grand Prix.

Make it double header with the V8s so not to piss off the locals too much.


OK, there’s some serious and semi plausible ones. Now to indulge ourselves it is time for the ridiculous.


Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Soapie Street Races

For the UK based audiences who wouldn’t want to see  street race past Lassiters, Harold’s Store and the Ramsey Street cul-de-sac  becoming one of F1’s most famous hairpins.

Or the beaches of Summer Bay linking with the big smoke of Yabby Creek to create a Home and Away track.

And everyone could stay at the Caravan Park.

Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Uluru

With more than enough space for run offs given the cars will 200 km/h faster under the new regulations, and that F1 has no problem holding a race in the desert, Uluru makes perfect sense.

The extra room would give Tilke and Associates enough room to design a track tedious enough to fit modern F1.


Alternative Australian F1 Grand Prix Venues – Kallangur, QLD

Why not Kallangur. Of course they would have to recreate the Space City Shopping Centre as a major focal point or it would be a complete waste of time. Never heard of Space City? Here’s some of our previous.

Of course any F1 track around Kallangur must include The Crescent. And the Water Tower. And ours will.







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