Ask this Scientician – Tomato Sauce solved – 6 More Experiments Needed

We play Ask this Scientician to try and solve some of the world's great mysteries now that getting Tomato Sauce out of a bottle has been sorted.

Ask this Scientician

Great science news today, News Ltd flagship website played Ask this Scientician and came up with the best way to get Tomato sauce out of a bottle. Haven’t we all been awaiting the answer on this one.

Finding cures for Cancer or studying potential effects of Climate Change (or not) can be tedious and boring.

Finding out about Tomato Sauce is interesting, and certainly LCD enough to make the News Ltd website.

The great news of the answer to Tomato Sauce means they now have time to solve some of the other great mysteries that we feel have been neglected for far too long.

So we play Ask this Scientician to solve our Top 6 favourite unsolved mysteries.


ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – What is the best direction for hanging Toilet Paper. Towards the back or front.

All of us spend time on the toilet each week, and whilst we all know our own shit doesn’t stink, the question about the way to best clean it up has never been answered.

Is it easier to have the paper hanging towards the front, or is that countered by possibly being less hygienic.

A question that surely requires the same amount of investigation as the Tomato Sauce.


ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – Why do Channel Nein persist with Michael Slater

“Geez I enjoy the great insights and restrained subtle commentary that not self centred at all of Michael Slater”. Said by no one ever.

So why do Channel 9 persist?

Only if we ask a scientician will we ever get the answer.


ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – Why does anyone care what the Kardashians think/do.

The Kardashians are not the nicest people in the world, yet millions around the globe care what they do, wear, and….do.



ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – What makes people act like a Jerk on OP Rum. Strength? Mixer?

Rum aka Fighting Juice aka Canecutters Cordial brings out the best and worst in people. For the worst it turns people into a Jekyll-Kyrgios kind of Super Jerk. The question is why.

Is it simply because of the alcohol content, or is it the chemical balance of its production. Is OP much worse, or do Rum Jerks act that way on any Bundy Product?

Or is a certain type of mixer a bigger cause than another? Is Coke worse than Diet Coke in creating Rum Monsters. Or is it a sneaky Dry or Ginger Beer.

Either way it is time for find out what is the cause.


ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – Is there any cure for Morning Arse breath?

It seems no matter what happens the night before, one wakes up with Morning Arse breath.

Could a scientician have the answer for this horrible Infliction.


ASK THIS SCIENTICIAN – Is Vegemite better being kept in the pantry or fridge.

Another one for the pantry, and this controversial subject really needs an answer soon.

A poll has been done on Social Media not long ago, but it is time to Ask a Scientician and get a real answer now.




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