Pointless Poll – What Products Produce the Worst TV Ads

Back by popular demand, it is time for Pointless Poll, and this time we are discussing which one of worst TV ads is truly the worst TV ads.

worst tv ads

Ever had your perfect TV viewing evening ruined by another ad break and thought about what the worst TV ads are.

Of course you have. And you have come to the right place for the pointless discussion.

Ads are a necessary evil. Even the worst TV ads. You can’t escape them. Especially on TV. But surely a few ads is a small price to pay for the gold you are viewing, Unless they start taking away the enjoyment of your chosen program. Or your partner’s program in the case of MKR or Married At First Sight.

Instead of whining for the seventh time this month to your significant other, or even sadder to your pet or worse still no one in particular, we provide a pointless poll to determine the answer once and for all.

Lately there have been many complaints about the Compare the Market ads. We say that’s because they are showing shit Australian based ones. Like any UK based show it should remain as the original, not a bastardised Australian version. Like Are You Being Served and Love Thy Neighbour.

But enough of the meerkats for now, it’s time to explore which products consistently produce the worst ads.

Instead of pointing out a particular company, and given them a bake or any more publicity than they deserve for their rubbish, we are grouping products together to find the ultimate winner of the worst TV ads.

They’ll probably all be created by the same white shoed, spiky haired, marketing degree carrying think tank. And you know they’ve all been paid 6 figures for it.

So welcome to our Pointless Poll for the month for worst TV ads. If we’re honest it is pure filler as we wait for the various football seasons to start. But why not vote anyway.



Consistently the worst of all ads as a genre. We think.

If they aren’t coming up with some stupid irritating catchphrase, it is the same driving through the countryside that only happens for the retired or unemployed.

Or it is an ad with some twits and the twirling signs. Nice one, trying to sell a car by highlighting some of the most useless people on the face of the earth.

Some try visual gimmicks to think they’re clever, some try celebrities, some try having a woman as the spokes person who is the kind of annoying girlfriend telling you how bad your life is and devising a 5 year life plan as you speak before telling you to give up alcohol and go on a paleo diet.

Other take a good song and ruin it, or a really bad one and turn it into a worse one.

No matter what, it is always shite, and a leading candidate for worst TV ads.



If they are not coming up with some wanky catchphrase or arthouse piece of shit, that are pretending to care about you and not the millions they can make.

The previous NAB ads were the nadir of the bank genre. Fancy telling people how much kids costs or work involved in a small business.

Thankfully most find them as believable as a Donald Trump Election pledge. Banks want your money and nothing else. Super companies aren’t much better, but do try and peddle how miserable your life in the future will be without them.



A wise man once said “Nothing good comes after the Tennis”, and they are completely right.

Major sporting events are great (with the exception of the Rugby World Cup) but the constant barrage of upcoming promos for the length of the tournament gets tedious real quick.

Worst offenders are Channel 7 who plug their post Tennis/Olympics wares so much that not only does it turn you off their show, but you start to have an unhealthy hatred of the show. Especially when the broadcasters pretend to bring it up in normal sporting commentary conversation, or even worse when they wheel out one of the future contestants of a show we haven’t seen yet.

Not far behind Ch7 is Ch10 during Big Bash and their plugging of I’m A Celebrity…..

Ch9 aren’t blameless either with commentators pretending to talk about the latest Voice contestants. Although that’s usually during the Sunday afternoon game of League which we ignore because of their terrible pro Sydney bias.


How can anyone believe that something you’re now selling for $99 was ever worth $1299? Or that an industry so f***ing useless at ordering stuff and getting it shipped can be trusted to buy anything from. Not even a token Genie on a Flying rug can save these ads. Usually delivered by someone sort of yelling at you.



Dressing up grown adults as fluffy animals or other various creatures is not funny, clever or a good way of selling your services. The only people that do think that are the only ones stupid enough to use them.



Given our love of a bet accompanying most sports it would be pot-kettle of the highest order for us to complain about them. Until you can’t enjoy a single sporting event without.

Worst still is when they are masquerading as a part of the sporting coverage.

But with major sports running out products that can slump up the big coin now that cigarettes are too deadly to be plastered on a boundary sign or F1 car, Betting Companies are the new source of gold.



Amongst the very worst, however thankfully we only get them every two years or so. But that Thursday night blackout can’t come soon enough when they are bombarding us.






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