Mundine v Green 3? Long Live the Rematch after the Appeal

Mundine v Green 3 Rematch looks a certainty. Should it stop at just one rematch? We say no with a great idea for the future of this top notch contest.

Pacquiao v Horn Undercards

The Big Mundine v Green showdown at the Adelaide Oval gave us more questions than answers, and no doubt it can only lead to Mundine v Green 3.

And after the reports of an appeal to be lodged by Anthony Mundine  there are now more questions to be answered.

That makes a Mundine v Green 3 more likely in our opinion. And won’t everyone would be happy.

Boxers get another payday and another chance to prove themselves, and settle the score.

So do Foxtel as they can charge lord knows what for Mundine v Green 3. Surely with CPI and extra hype and controversy that $59 could be an easy $70 or $80 by next fight.

Fight fans all over the country will have something to mark on their sporting calendar. No matter how far away.

Quade Cooper will too be hoping there’s a rematch, and will be on the lookout for amateur former kickboxers, retired accountants or inflatable punching dolls to take on. A few years should give him plenty of time.

But will we wait to wait over 10 years again? We sure hope not.

Although, old mate who broadcast the fight against Foxtel’s requests and demands might be hoping it is at least 5 years away, if the threat to jail him goes through.

May we suggest that the Mundine v Green 3 rematch becomes the first of a new 7up movie series.

Not sure about the 7Up reference? Well it is a documentary which captures the life of the same people every 7 years.

Given both Mundine and Green are getting a little older, we suggest a shortened 5 year period.

All we need is that both fighters sign a lifetime agreement and every five years there is a fight and a documentary crew follow both fighters around just before and after the fight.

This means that fight fans, broadcasters and scarf wearing doco directors get guaranteed action every five years.

Just like the 7up series, the best part is seeing where everyone is at with every new instalment.

Imagine in 20, 25, or 30 years time we have Mundine v Green  or something between the two at the Rooty Hill RSL, hitting each other with walking canes and telling each other to keep off their respective grass.

And with a Mundine v Green fight guaranteed every 5 years, fight fans can bank on good times. So too Foxtel.

So let’s hope the two can sort out the appeal and the contracts soon, and we can have Mundine v Green 3 and beyond.




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